LG Says WP7 Not Doing As Expected

The news doing round today are the comments from LG representative who said Microsoft failed in the Windows Phone 7 launch and that the operating system isn’t doing as well as they hoped.

With Microsoft not divulging a lot on numbers, the comments from LG get a lot of attention. What one doesn’t point out is that the WP7 handsets from LG are no good. There is no reason to buy a LG WP7 handset compared to HTC or Samsung.

Two of HTC’s main handsets have unique selling points. The HTC HD7 has the HD2 legacy, a thin form factor and the really massive screen while the HTC Surround has powerful speakers. Samsung Focus has the thin form factor, the gorgeous Super AMOLED screen and a really loud speaker. The LG Quantum has two features which don’t exactly make for a compelling purchase. The LG’s DLNA technology doesn’t exactly enhance your mobile experience when you are not near a DLNA compatible television and the slide out QWERTY keyboard is old school.

James Choi, Marketing strategy and planning director for LG  told Pokcet-lint that, From an industry perspective we had a high expectation, but from a consumer point of view the visibility is less than we expected.

LG’s solution to this is coming out with cheaper handsets, yes, that will definitely help maintain quality standards. Maybe LG should look into doing better handsets than complain about Microsoft’s handling of the launch and Windows Phone 7? With that said, LG says that they will continue to support WP7 as they do not want to rely on Android as the only OS they have handsets with.

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