HP To Launch Windows 8 PCs By The End Of The Year

Well, it looks like HP will have Windows 8 PCs out in time for the holidays (given that Microsoft sticks to schedule, of course). During HP’s earnings call earlier today, HP CEO Meg Whitman stated that the company¬†“will be well positioned on Windows 8 x86 by the holidays.” She went on to add¬†“we’re rooting for a fantastic Windows 8 product that’s out on time for holiday.”

With that being said, what about ARM? During the earnings call, she didn’t seem to state what HP’s plans were as far as a timeline for releasing a Windows 8 ARM device. Considering that Microsoft intends to RTM Windows 8’s ARM alterego at the same time as the x86 version, it’s unusual that HP aren’t also rushing to be among the first to bring Windows 8 ARM tablets. Perhaps after the flop that was the HP Slate, they’re going to give it a bit of time before jumping on the Windows 8 tablet bandwagon.

Windows 8’s release date is currently unknown, but will be somewhere around the latter part of this year. Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview a week from now on the 29th at the Mobile World Congress.

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