How To Connect Your Facebook Account With Bing

Microsoft and Facebook announced a strategic partnership by which Bing had Instant Personalization features. This means that if you connect Facebook to Bing on your account, search results for queries will be tailored based on your Facebook activities. Mark Zuckerberg went to lengths in order to clarify that there is no breach of privacy and the data available to Bing is only what you’ve set as publicly available.

Bing has now made this feature available to US customers and it is pretty simple to set up:

  • Visit
  • Sign in (top left)

You should now see a Windows flag with a drop down. Screenshot:


  • Click on Facebook Connect and allow Bing access to your Facebook data and you’re done.

Here is the top result for Keith Dsouza once I connected Bing with Facebook:


Here’s Bing demo video on the feature (embedded video click here):

Get Microsoft Silverlight

For more information on the integration you can check out Discover Bing.

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