Google Officially Brings Google Search To Windows Phone 7

Over the past few weeks Google has started considering Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as an OS to stay. Google Analytics started listing Windows Phone as OS under mobile, followed by Google enabling multiple calendar sync for Windows Phone 7.

The love did not stop there. If one visited Google’s homepage via IE on WP7, there’s a big option to pin Google on your homescreen. Here’s what it looks like:

Once pinned, a tile to’s mobile website is added to the homescreen and I quite like the tile icon:

While Google doesn’t have an official app for WP7, it is an interesting approach of using Microsoft’s new found love for turning web pages into applications; a trend that will continue with Windows 8.

Update: @harsha_g11 pointed out that the guys at WPCentral spotted this two weeks back.

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Manan Kakkar

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