Giveaway: 10 MetroTwit Plus Licenses

Last week, the MetroTwit guys released MetroTwit 1.0, a massive update to their Twitter client with a novel-worthy changelog to boot. Introducing features such as multi-account support, list management functionality, and filtering — on top of multiple bug fixes and more minute features/refinements. We also had the opportunity to interview MetroTwit developer David Golden, which should make for some interesting reading.

Nevertheless, we have 10 MetroTwit Plus codes to give away! People of all ages, everywhere are eligible to enter in the contest. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post stating why you’d like to have a copy of MetroTwit Plus, and 10 commenters will be chosen at random. You have until 12PM EDT on Friday, April 6th to enter.

Good luck!

Update: We have our winners:

  1. Malcom
  2. myimmortalize
  3. sumit goswami
  4. Josué Márquez
  5. Asriel Rusdyawan
  6. Paf Borg
  7. Kalpik Nigam
  8. Nitin
  9. Sharad
  10. Jake Andreøli

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Paul Paliath

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  • Well I Just Love Tweeting,And I m on Twitter the whole day!

  • Wiiiill

    Metrotwit plus will fit nicely with my Windows 8 setup.

    Thanks for that!

  • Nitin

    I love MetroTwit I love twitter and MetroTwit is no match to any other twitter client, pray I get the licence, Thanks

  • I would like to participate in the giveaway. This is an awesome one!
    I’d like a copy a copy of metro twit plus to experience its new UI. Plus it will give an awesome boost to my tweets.

  • Saravana

    I love MetroTweet as it is the only desktop client I have ever used in my pc.

  • I’ve never really fancied the idea of using a desktop twitter client, but when MetroTwit came out with their update last week, I gave them a try and couldn’t look back. At this point, a MetroTwit plus license would be nice since I’m already using the free version extensively.

  • That’s my windows client of choice! Would love a plus license :)

  • Already use the free version of Metrotwit. Would love to get a Plus version :)

  • Indranil Nandi

    want my license :) hehe

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  • k19s

    Hi, I have been using metrotwit for couple of month now, and it’s pretty awesome. Clean interface with many great features. Version 1.0 is great, a lot of the bugs has been fixed with many improvements. I would love to have a pro copy of metrotwit.


  • Very Nice Giveaway! I have been using Metrotwit past week! Totally in love with it and thinking of Adding my other twitter accounts to the same. winning MetroTwit plus license would be really great!!

  • Raj

    The latest version of the MetroTwit has improved immensely. The free version is good enough but the pro version will be an added incentive. Please throw my name in the hat. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  • Paf Borg

    Thank you very much for this giveaway :). I would like to try my luck, so I would appreciate if you could count me in. Thanks in advance. All the best.

  • Asriel Rusdyawan

    Thanks for the Giveaway Dude,.
    Please count me in too.
    Very Great to have this software. It will ease my duty around tweeting!

    THX, LJBU!

  • awesome giveaway……used the free version(but it’s very limited in features)….would love to try the plus version… please count me in! :)

  • Its one of the best Windows Twitter clients that I have used, and with the new 2.0 update, its got even better. I love the interface that it has and right now, its the only client I use when on my PC.

  • suyanto

    l want to try it

  • I am a windows user and i am very unhappy with the recent versions of Tweetdeck, and would love to give MetroTwit a try.

  • Tech Geek

    metrotwit is very easy to use and has got a nice interface. The plus version has few extra features like no ads and that is why i would like to have a copy of it.

  • Josué Márquez

    Hi. I’d like to have a MetroTwit plus license, but why? because I’m just Twitterholic and MetroTwit is my favorite client from its Beta phase.


  • Hi, I have won the license and I even replied to your mail. Why have I still not received the license :(

  • I still not received the license too…