Gets User Generated Templates, Search Improvements and PDF Export, the online office suite by Microsoft Fuse Labs has undergone some major improvements in the last week. This includes support for PDF uploads, using user generated templates, bulk uploading of documents, full text search on documents shared by your Facebook friends and more.

Here is a quick run down of new features added to the office suite:

Upload and Share PDF Documents With Facebook Friends

Just as Office 2010 allows you to create PDF documents from Microsoft Word, allows you to upload these PDF documents for sharing with your Facebook friends. The developers have added a Silverlight viewer which will let you read PDF files directly within (See example)

So the next time you spot a document on Facebook, there is no need to download the Ebook and send it as an attachment via email. Just copy the Ebook to your account and get the shortened URL of the PDF. Then share the link via Twitter, IM or email and your friends can read the PDF directly from the browser, the viewers do not need a Facebook account to read the document. To upload documents from your computer, head over to

Creating User Generated Templates

If you are sharing or collaborating with a group of friends, you might not want others to change the format or content of your document. Instead, you would want them to create a copy of the document and edit it the way they want. now supports user generated templates, which will allow your friends to copy the document to their account as a template. Then your friends may edit the document, add or remove content and share it back.

To allow templates, go to your document sharing options and click the “Advanced options” link. Then choose “Viewers can use the document as a template”.

Full Text Search

Earlier, allowed users to search for people, tags and pages. Now allows you to perform full text search within your documents as well as within the documents shared by your friends. So if you are interested in a document that discusses “Basics of Internet marketing” and search for it, will search for the exact phrase within the documents shared by you and your Facebook friends. Neat!

In addition to this, the search results will be ranked according to the relationship of the author with you on Facebook, how many “Shares” or “Likes” it has received. This is very useful, because the documents shared by your friends are ranked higher in the search results.

More enhancements are on it’s way, as reported on the official blog

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