Bing Pulse Comes to the State Of The Union Address

Bing Pulse, the real-time viewer polling and feedback tool from Bing, is going to be part of CNN and MSNBC’s coverage of the upcoming State of the Union address by United States President Mr Barack Obama.

The way it worked in the past is analysts and pundits across networks and publications would try to make sense of the variety of feedback channels they get their data from, and then try to provide the updates to the viewers. Naturally that took some time and the final analyses would take hours and days, if not weeks.

Instead, Bing Pulse will enable MSNBC and CNN to provide real-time voting capabilities along several points within the President’s speech on Tuesday January 20. The results of these votes will be available in real time to the networks, which can then send it back to the viewers in a way that will make most sense.

Per the blog post by Bing:


Easy to activate and simple to use, Bing Pulse lets viewers make their voices heard from the convenience of a web-enabled device, on any platform. With a click of the mouse or tap of the screen, audiences can “pulse,” or weigh in, on how they feel as often as every five seconds. Bing values your privacy, so voting is anonymous.

To participate in the CNN’s debates/questions, go to and to participate in the MSNBC coverage, go to

Have you used Bing Pulse before, either as a publisher or as a participant? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

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