Microsoft Announces New Bing Vision and Image Mapping Features For Windows Phone Users

If you’re a proud owner of a Windows Phone, you will be able to take advantage of two new Bing features announced today.

The first improvement, called Bing Vision, builds on the existing ability to retrieve information from Microsoft Tags and QR Codes by allowing you to also scan barcodes, as well as CD, DVD, and book covers. This feature is available starting today.

The second improvement — Bing Image Matching for Newspapers — should need no introduction. In typical Microsoft fashion, a lengthy highly descriptive name was utilized. This service will allow users to take a photo of an article in a print publication, so they may be acquainted with the digital version of the same article. Microsoft states that this feature will work with over 3,000 publications worldwide. This is a practical feature for those of you who still read stuff on paper and occasionally wish to bookmark something you see in print for future reference. Bing Image Matching will be available sometime around March.

As fellow blogger Alex Wilhelm notes, it’s worth remembering that these features are Windows Phone exclusive. That being said, they will be received by a relatively smaller audience than if this were pushed out to say, the Bing app. There’s probably an even tinier minority of people who still read articles on print. It is, nevertheless cool though. And for you print-loving folks out there considering a Windows Phone device, this should seal the deal.

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