Bill Gates Continues Working On Some Projects At Microsoft

Charlie Rose spoke to Bill Gates in an hour long interview. The interview discussed several issues such as the Gates Foundation’s work agains Malaria, Polio and healthcare, topics like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft. In the interview Bill Gates talked about how they were way ahead their time in tablets and why Apple did a better job. He also blessed the Surface tablet, and according to him this fusion of tablet & PC will help people look at these computing devices differently.

Business Insider has written about the tablet revelations, however, what I found more interesting was Bill Gates’ role at Microsoft. Many pundits have on multiple occasions suggested that Bill Gates should come back and replace Steve Ballmer, in the same breath we’ve all wondered what role does Gates play in Microsoft. As it turns out, he still is active in the company. According to Gates himself he is working some a select fre projects. These projects are staffed and from what Gates mentioned deal with ideas like:

  • digital whiteboards
  • organizing data such as going down memory lane
  • he suggests on new projects

Big Data is a buzzword in the industry much like Web 2.0 was a while back, it is interesting to see Bill Gates is still lending his intellect on solving some consumer technology challenges in addition to his dedication towards solving health problems across the world.

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