Apple Copies Zune Tagline For iTunes

This is too good to not be reproduced. Looks like the photocopiers at Cupertino are working overtime. Perhaps, the artists at Cupertino are out of innovation. Use any of the many smart retorts by the loud Apple fans over the years against Microsoft and reverse the company names. As first spotted by CoryRS at, here’s what you get:

The tag line on, today, is exactly the same as the one Microsoft has been using for a while on

Go figure.

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  • His Shadow

    Good catch. The important difference is that people actually visit the website on the right.

  • lfc

    Yeah because this is the same. You have to be really picky and cynical to use this as your argument that Apple copies.

    Better luck next time…

  • Hey, the capital letters and the dots! It’s different :P

  • As an Apple fan, I must say that this shut me up.

    • then you are – what do they call it? – gullible.

    • Anton Notkin Yes, because all Apple fans are gullible while everyone else is infallible. Round us up and put us in confinement now.

  • No comments.. :)

  • This is surely the first time Apple has ever copied someone else’s work!!!

    *cough* Xerox… *cough*

  • It’s totally different. Apple uses different punctuation!

    • Absolutely. Though I could imagine someone at 1 Infinite Loop wanting to give poor old bungling Microsoft a break by copying one of their unsuccessful strategies.

  • Would be nice to know which one actually came first. Did you bother to check that, or are you just scrounging for any trace of evidence when Microsoft’s entire Windows Phone and Windows 8 strategies are reactions to Apple?

    • new on itunes, been there for a while on zune, but obviously Apple came up with it first, just like everything else

    • It’s been on Zune’s page for a good two years almost. Sooo..

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  • Shit, Apple copies the tag line! Where are Redmond’s lawyers?

  • The difference is that Apple’s version actually does what it says!

    • Really? Am sure I can prove that wrong. Apple is a closed ecosystem after all.

    • Cristian Reyes or yours is a closed mind?

    • Cristian Reyes I’m sorry, I just can’t let this go. Your REALLY trying to make an argument that Microsoft is MORE open than Apple? You have no idea, they are at least equal in their openness or should I say they are equally closed systems. How open is is to force people to buy server licenses for every member of a company that connects to a server, if you consider that open, your internet would disappear very quickly, no thank you Microsoft. If you think its because Apple restrict apps in their app store…so do Microsoft. I don’t remember having to enter a product key and then verify it online or over the phone to get my operating system to install the last time I installed an Apple OS. What about Windows PlaysForSure…that no longer plays for sure? Apple went to ridiculous lengths to stop people making Apple clones that ran on purchased Apple software….The list is almost endless. Neither party are particularly open, but both parties are very successful because they have been allowed to protect their market. IF other markets were this closed, they would be forced to be more open by government, the tech industry has been surprisingly lucky at escaping such regulation to allow open competition. One wonders how long that will last?

    • Steve Page umm i never said anything about Microsoft I was just countering what he said. He said it actually does what it says. Both Microsoft and Apple are closed ecosystems apple is more restrictive though. Meaning it doesnt allow icloud on other devices actually proving my point that it does not do “what it says”.

    • Cristian Reyes: Apple is not a closed ecosystem. All of their devices run open standard, vendor-neutral W3C standard HTML5 Web apps from any source or server in the world, and all of their devices run open standard, vendor-neutral ISO MPEG4 audio video from any source or server in the world, and all of their devices run standard ePub books, again from any source or server in the world. Apple provides a free app for Mac or Windows PC’s that enables you to side-load anything from anywhere onto any Apple mobile device, and in fact, the ease with which the regular consumer can accomplish this task has been a primary selling feature of Apple mobiles for just over 10 years since the first iPod. The typical Apple device has MORE apps on it, more media, more books, and from more diverse sources than the typical device from any other manufacturer.

      Further, Apple doesn’t just include HTML5, they provide the single-best, #1 HTML5 app environment anywhere on any device, and they provide their own open source HTML5 reference browser engine for free to all other manufacturers of PC’s and mobiles. Apple ported the Web to mobiles and then made that available to all of their competitors through the WebKit project which is one of a top handful of the most successful open source projects ever. Right up there with Linux.

      And what’s more, native app development for Apple devices — which by nature is proprietary on all platforms, not just Apple’s — is done with ISO standard C. Many of the native C apps you see running on iPhone or iPad were written on other platforms like Windows or PlayStation. There are apps like DOOM that were written on early OS X systems but deployed only on DOS, but now run on iPhone. Most of the code was essentially Copy/Pasted from the DOS version to the iPhone version. Because the iPhone is closed? No. Duh.

      And iOS has the most mobile apps because it is closed? It’s just too hard to get stuff on there?

      So you’re just factually incorrect. Wrong on the facts. Not clued in. Don’t know what you are talking about.

    • hamranhansenhansen but remember apple needed windows to make ipods popular. Also if apple had it its way their file format would still only support itunes. Also take a look at ibooks. If they really wanted to help humanity they would have made it multiplatform.

    • hamranhansenhansen I can load any application made for MS Windows on Windows I want without Microsoft even knowing. Developers have to get permission from Apple to offer apps to owners of iOS devices and then we can only buy the application through Apple. I think that is one small example of the closed system Christian was referring to. The examples of Apple having a ‘closed’ system in this sense are many. Apple may use open standards, but their devices are closed to direct to iOS access so the ‘open’ standards are somewhat empty chest pounding, aren’t they. Except maybe the browser – but even then they choose to not support competitive technologies in their browser – or even other independent browsers that could take advantage of unsupported iOS technologies, for that matter. Just rendering of Safari in other browsers. No Chrome on iOS or IE on iOS allowed. Safari is on Windows, however.

    • Cristian Reyes Ok, bring it! Prove it untrue!

    • Rhonda Petrosky can you use icloud on android or windows phones? what about facetime? I thought I already proved my with my previous comments. You can only do it “Everywhere” if you have apple products like an apple tv. The same can be said about Zune. You can use it on PC,Windows Phones and to tv’s via Xbox . “Everywhere” to both companies just means their own hardware.

  • Mike


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  • Apple has been using that style of headlines since I was in seventh grade in the mid 80s. I recall writing the company as a middle school kid to complain about its use of dramatically incorrect marketing lines (it was the Apple IIGS ad “Best Apple II in history. And every other subject.”) to sell edu computers.

    If you think there is anything original about Microsoft using Apple-esque marketing to sell an Apple-clone iPod interacting with an iPhone-clone smartphone and mimicking the iCloud product Apple brought to market first, then you’re really scraping the barrel.

    If you want to complain about Apple adopting Zune features, you could list WiFi content sync or iOS 5’s new “no-iTunes” setup option, both of which Microsoft did first. But really? Microsoft’s entire consumer product division is as close to being an iOS copy as possible, yet is still a complete failure. And everything Microsoft is doing that is original (such as the design of Metro) is a liability. It’s not helping, it’s hurting sales.

    Apple’s #2 competitor isn’t Microsoft, it’s Samsung, the most desperately copycating member of the Android pool. If Microsoft wants to matter at all in the PostPC world, it better copy more than just Apple’s adverting lines. And maybe get rid of that silly rainbow like Apple did in the late 90s.

    • There is no such thing as the Post-PC world. Tablets are the most personal of personal computers. The phrase is such a misnomer and way over-used. Tablets and Smartphones are personal computers and the personal computers aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

    • So if I get a new iphone I can add files without itunes??

    • Josh Gullickson Absolutely! But they go into application buckets and are not readily available to applications other than the one it was transferred to (via Wifi or Bluetooth). Pain in the neck – and it limits applications’ capabilities, but yes you can.

    • Apple is the first in everything? There weren’t mp3 players before the iPod, or smartphones before the iPhone or tablets before the iPad? There were, but they were to complicated for “normal” (i.e. non-tech users) people to understand. You guys need big shiny icons, not functionality (remember the cool wallpapers that the original iPhone had? yeah, none. my 2003 cellphone had wallpapers though :D)

    • Josh Gullickson No. Get iTunes, and keep it updated, no matter what. The same goes for your iPod, if you have one, or are going to get one.

    • Josh Gullickson Sure! The iPhone is a stand alone product. Self contained and not reliant on iTunes. Apps can be loaded via it’s app store, transferred via iDisk, Drop Box, iCloud, email etc……

    • Brian Ward Don’t forget smart card transfer. Also, Any application can register it’s self with the OS to let the OS know what file types it can open, just like the extention registration system in Windows and the file creator and type system in OS X. Then you can simply “open in” and select any application registered for that data type.

  • Wow! If using a similar line of copy in an ad is your BIG example of Apple copying Microsoft… it’s a pretty pathetic attempt to justify Microsoft’s copying EVERYTHING substantial that Apple ever does.

    Or… you can always try presenting “facts” that are the exact opposite of reality, like:

    – Apple’s Mac OS in 1984 was a copy of the first Microsoft Windows OS.
    – Apple’s first iPod was a copy of the Microsoft Zune.
    – Apple’s iPad is a copy of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Metro tablet.
    – Apple’s iOS was a copy of the Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.
    – Apple Stores are copies of the Microsoft Stores.
    – Apple’s App Store is a copy of Microsoft’s App Store.
    – Etc., etc. etc.

    These types of “facts” usually get cheers from Windows fanboys who live in an alternate reality. ;-)

    • MacOS vas a copy of Xerox’s GUI
      Apples first Ipod was a copy of other mp3-players of the time
      Microsoft has had tablet-products on the market long before Ipad came along
      Ios is basically an evolution of RIM/Microsofts older mobile os’es
      Apple isn’t the first company to open their own stores…
      App Store is an evolution of the software libraries available throughout the opensource world…

      Apple and MS’s new products are just evolutionary steps on older products. Atleast MS did something new with their approach…

  • Guess nobody told you iTMS bought Zune.

  • Maybe Apple wants to get the same succes of Microsoft… Mp3 players speaking.

  • With so much advertising bull…you know what, everywhere. I guess it has to happen sometimes ;-).

  • I highly doubt it was on purpose.

  • Yeah, that really makes up for the 20 years when Microsoft’s only product was a clone of Apple’s only product.

  • A whole new relationship between ‘Apple’ and ‘Slavishly Copied’.

  • Um, yeah, and which one is still in existence?

  • Apple may have copied the tagline, but Microsoft copied Apple’s entire approach to mobile after having failed miserably at implementing their own…