Android Dolls? Microsoft Has WP7 Foam Figurines


At the annual South by Southwest (SxSW) conference Microsoft has been trying to push Windows Phone 7 out to technology enthusiasts. Developer evangelist Charlie Kindel has been giving away WP7 devices (Dell Venue Pro or Samsung Focus) to those who show him Windows Phone 7 application idea that they are working on. Engineers have also been demonstrating the IE9 on the Windows Phone 7 which expected to be part of the Mango update. Mango is expected some time in 2011. At the GDGT party, Microsoft is giving away Windows Phone 7 foam figures aka Windows Foam 7. As a viral campaign, Microsoft is giving away these Windows Foam 7 figures and is sharing placements of the figure next to gadgets at the party. The images shared on twitter so far:





Microsoft has similar foam versions of Channel 9, we’ve seen Android dolls being sold online and I’d love to get my hands on one of these! Carriers should bundle these with each phone they sell!

PS: These images have been taken by a Samsung Focus and I should point out that the auto settings of the phone aren’t that great.

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