At $599, Surface Would Be The Best Value For Money Tablet To Own

While Microsoft has not officially announced the price of the Surface, rumors doing rounds suggest the Windows 8 ARM Surface will start at $599. And that is a great price, it beats the iPad by a huge margin. The iPad starts at $499 for 16GB, while the 32GB model is $599. The iPad does not come preloaded with Microsoft Office and neither does it bundle the cover and a keyboard.

The first thing to understand with the Surface is that the keyboard is NOT a separate device. The engineering geniuses at Microsoft have made the keyboard so thin (3mm) that it is the cover for the Surface. If you want the keyboard, you open the cover and use it as a keyboard, like here:

(Image courtesy Tech Radar)

And if you don’t want the keyboard, you open the cover and it snaps at the back of the Surface, like here:

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s compare the iPad and Surface pricing:

On the specs page for Surface, Microsoft lists the covers as part of the device which would indicate the price when announced will include the covers. I think the rumored price of $599 also comes from the fact that the 32GB iPad starts at $599.

Disclaimer: The $599 price for Surface are rumors and haven’t been confirmed yet.

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  • Anirudh

    Don’t agree. If MS wants to sell tablets, it should be at $399. Nobody cares if Surface doubles the memory or bundles a keyboard. The consumer doesn’t think that way.

    If MS was the first player in this market, then maybe this price was justifiable. But alas, that’s not true. This tablet will die a horrible death at $599.

    • Tom Sobieski

      Don’t agree. Prices equal. Surface has more for for money than iPad, plus is that sd connectivity I saw there? Unavailable on iPad at any price

  • Lbrewer42

    The only problem is the software. Watch the keynote. The first time they tried to do anything with one, it failed miserabley to respond and do what was wanted – so much so that the demonstrator had to make a hasty retreat and get one that would work so they could continue the demo!

    The very fact they had a spare ready to go shows the confidence level Microsoft has in the Surface’s reliability.

    The hardware was cool – but why is it repeatedly so hard for consumers to see that when a major product fails its initial debut that it is not worth wasting money on? Can you personally imagine any other company setting up for such a huge presentation, having their product fail so badly that they have to get another one to try, and still get raving reviews about the product? Let’s get REAL here.

    If people demanded and expected quality from Microsoft they would have to go out of business or become what they always should have been. Never have I been satisfied with Microsoft once i put the money into one of their products. They have, at times, simply been the lesser of two evils so I have had to default to their side of the fence.

    For tablets, I love the hardware in this, but there is no way I would pay good money to buy something that is so obviously unreliable.

  • JayHill

    How about a 16gb model without a keyboard or office for, say $399? Now that would be compelling.

  • JayHill

    How about a 16gb model without a keyboard or office for, say $399? Now that would be compelling.