1 Million Outlook Users In 6 Hours

For those following me on Twitter know that I’ve not been having a good time with this Outlook release, and that’s primarily Tom Warren’s my fault. Having said that, Microsoft’s newly launched email service—@outlook.com—is in one word, gorgeous. The Windows 8 Mail and Office 15 experience, fluid and clean Metro experience is a refreshing change for a regular Hotmail user.

Microsoft’s internal infrastructure allows current Hotmail users to rename their Microsoft Account IDs to get a shiny new @outlook.com email address. If my timeline is right, Microsoft announced Outlook at 9 AM PST or 12 PM EST today. That’s 7 hours from the time of writing this post. And as it turns out, in the first 6 hours, Outlook got a million users:

The graph shared by the team shows quite the rise within hours of announcement and it’s a long time away from a plateau-ing:

There are two ways of getting the new @Outlook.com email address:

  • For existing Hotmail users, they should rename their accounts
  • Sign up for a new account

In case of renaming the accounts, if you have a Windows Phone 7 device, you will have to reset your phone and install your apps. A small price for getting a nicer email address.

Hotmail has undergone several brand changes and this is the final one. Along with Windows Live, Hotmail—the brand—is on its way out.

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