Copy Books From PC to Amazon Kindle

Kindle Sync is a and which makes it easier to transfer books from your computer to Amazon Kindle. The program can only copy and sync .Prc files, which are Mobipocket files from your PC to Kindle.

Sync Amazon Kindle with Computer

It maintains the same directory structure on the Kindle. You can also convert your documents and other PDF files to .prc format by using the Mobipocket creator publisher edition and then use KindleSync to upload files to your Amazon Kindle.

KindleSync works on and other Windows operating system.

Download KindleSync

Tutorial to Create Accelerators for IE8

We have told you about IE8 Web Accelerators, which allows you to quickly share content or perform different tasks from the IE8 browser and also create a huge list of the most Useful IE8 accelerators. However, what if you want to create your own web accelerator for IE8?

No worries, the IE Blog has created a Accelerator creation guide, which details the steps required to create an Accelerator for IE8. The tutorial includes accelerator building basics, discusses about dynamic variables, adding previews and testing your accelerator.

So if you have been waiting to create your own accelerator, head over to the IE blog and read the Accelerator Creation Guide.

China Bans Personal Domain Registrations.. Will they Ban the Internet?

The Chinese government has been notorious for banning websites due to protests, or any other official reasons. However, it looks like they have pulled a huge rabbit out of the hat by banning registrations of domains by individuals.

According to a official post by CNNIC, the official registrar in China, users who want to register domains will have to go through a lengthy process of submitting official documents and what not. However, this should most likely affect .cn domains. That makes me wonder whether GoDaddy is blocked in China?

Download Flickr Photos to Your Desktop with Bulkr

After telling you about a tool to download public albums from Picasa on your desktop, here is another tool which will allow you to download bulk Flickr photos to your desktop.


Bulkr is an application based on which will allow you to download up-to 200 photos from Flickr at a time. You can download Flickr photos from your stream, your favorites, Flickr search and any other user’s photo stream. If you are interested in more Flickr tools, you might want to checkout an app which will allow you to access Flickr from Windows Explorer and Flickroom: An excellent app for Flickr.

Download Bulkr

Google Wave Desktop Notifier


might not be the best product of the year as it was made out to be. However, there are still many users who use it. Google Wave Desktop notifier is a and Open source software which will notify you about new waves in your Google Wave account in the system tray on your desktop.

Google Wave notifier can come in pretty handy if you do not want to keep up with new waves without having to open the website every time.

Download Google Wave notifier

Gmail Air Skin for Google Chrome


Remember the Air Skin for Firefox? Well it is now available for to as an . I tried it out on Chrome and it looks pretty good. If you are confused about using extensions in Chrome, read up our earlier post on Google Chrome Extensions vs Firefox add-ons: Head to Head comparison.

Download Google Air Skin for Chrome

Free Google Reader App for iPhone


Google does not have a dedicated Google reader app for the iPhone, however you can download the iGReader app for Free and sync up with your Google Reader account.

The iGReader apps allows you to read feeds on your iPhone or iPod Touch and syncs with your Google Reader account so that you can stay up-to-date on the go. You can also categorize your feeds, delete subscriptions and search for new ones using the app.

iGReader iTunes link

Create Shortcuts To Handy Windows Functions

Handy Shortcuts is a and portable software which will allow you to create shortcuts to handy windows functions on your desktop.


Handy shortcuts allows you to quickly create shortcuts for the following Windows functions: Lock WorkStation, Switch Account. Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Hibernate, Show Desktop, Uninstall Programs, Device Manager, Security Center, Windows Defender, Windows DVD maker, Flip 3D, Launch Screen-saver, Disable Windows Firewall, Enable Windows Firewall, Clear Clipboard, Connect to Internet, Safely Remove Hardware and a Master Control Panel.

Everything aside, I still did not get it why one would want to create a shortcut to Show Desktop on the desktop :-).

Download Handy Windows Shortcuts

Fix Windows Media Player Errors With Fix WMP

Windows Media Player is the default media player in Windows. Sometimes you may come across issues with the player which may not allow you to play audio or video files due to corrupted dll (Dynamic Linking Library) files.

Fix Windows Media Player Errors

Fix WMP is a handy which will re-register all the dll files associated with Windows Media player to fix any issues it has.

There are 40 dll files associated with WMP which can be easily fixed with FixWMP. FixWMP is a portable software, so you don’t need to install it. Fix WMP works on and Windows Media Player.

Download FixWMP

Movie to GIF Converter and Animated GIF Frame Extractor


Sometime back we had told you, how to extract frames from GIF images. An update to the tool is available for the software. In addition to that, you can also download a new tool which allows you to convert movies to GIF Animations.

The Movie to Animated GIF Converter allows users to convert a portion or the entire movie to a GIF animation. Supported formats include AVI, MPEG and WMV.

Both downloads are available at Evan’s Freeware.