Windows 7, Vista, XP CD Key Finder


Quite sometime back we had told you on how you can find the XP Product CD key on your installation disk. If you are planning to re-install your system or format it, here is a nice which will allow you to find your Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 CD Key.

Though the product says that it only extracts CD keys from XP, we successfully ran this on and too.

Download XP CD-Key Finder

3 thoughts on “Windows 7, Vista, XP CD Key Finder”

  1. I would like to say i have found this utility very useful with my day to day work with computer systems that come into our work place.

    Now i just need to find something similar to this product to allow the recovery of MS Office keys.

    Cheers guys for showing us this product. :D

  2. We would like to just notify users that there is now a new version of this application available for download from our website.

    Due to the request of extracting MS Office product keys as well. We have redesigned our application to suite the needs for any range of users.

    The new version (v2) now includes the following features:
    * Supported OS – Windows Xp,Vista,7
    * Supported Office – XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 (Beta Test)
    * Save recovered information to txt file
    * Obtain all current IP addresses of system
    * Obtain username and computer name
    * Recover keys from an external system file

    ** Recover keys from an external system file**
    This feature is best used to recover the product keys from a computer system that will not boot, By loading the registry hive into the program directly.

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