Copy Books From PC to Amazon Kindle

Kindle Sync is a and which makes it easier to transfer books from your computer to Amazon Kindle. The program can only copy and sync .Prc files, which are Mobipocket files from your PC to Kindle.

Sync Amazon Kindle with Computer

It maintains the same directory structure on the Kindle. You can also convert your documents and other PDF files to .prc format by using the Mobipocket creator publisher edition and then use KindleSync to upload files to your Amazon Kindle.

KindleSync works on and other Windows operating system.

Download KindleSync

One thought on “Copy Books From PC to Amazon Kindle”

  1. Hi, what about Text files.
    I am not so keen on the E books but bought a Kindle now as an electronic notepad which I would love to just keep in sync with my Desktop (Todo List, general things).

    Is it possible to do something like this ?
    Best wishes

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