Open Source Tumblr Clone for Websites: Gelato CMS

gelato_logo Gelato CMS   is a open source Tumblr clone which has the same features as Tumblr. You can easily download and install Gelato CMS on your own web servers and start tumbling.

Gelato also supports themes and plugins. Checkout or download the Tumblr Clone Gelato CMS.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Robert

    Lightbox doesn’t work (for me.) The support forum is a Google Group that is 95% spam. I was excited there for a minute. But thanks for passing it along anyway :)

  • I've been using Gelato CMS since 2007. Sadly, development seems to have stalled out with a minimum of themes and plugins promised but not delivered. I hope the devs pick up with it again, as Tumblogs are enjoying a renewed popularity.

    We have Gelato-powered Tumblogs here:
    and here:

    And a testbed here:

    But check out another little CMS that has much promise for a tumblog-formatted blog with sidebar content. (Think WordPress meets Gelato CMS.) It's called Chyrp.