Change OEM Info in Windows 7

When you buy a PC from a shop, it usually contains some information about the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), like their name, support URL and so on. OEM Info Tool will allow you to change the OEM info of your PC and customize it to your liking.


This tool works in and . So go ahead and impress your friends and family by customizing your PC’s OEM information.

Download OEM Info Tool

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  • All I can say is Thank You!

    Thank You Windows 7 Team for this great release; and special thanks to you, for answering all the questions more than once and for telling the newest news from inside Redmond for more than 36 hours without any long sleeping breaks (as I conclude from your posts) ;-)

    Windows Vista = Modern Windows ME (Mistake Edition)

    Windows 7 = Modern Windows XP

    Here is my benchmarked view about Windows XP, Vista and 7

    Windows XP Pro SP3, Install, right off the bat, consuming 89MB of RAM for the OS with no other programs running.

    Windows Vista, Install, right off the bat, consuming 800MB of RAM! for the OS with no other programs running.

    Windows 7 Final, Install, right off the bat, consuming 222 MB of RAM, for the OS with no other programs running.

    I guess Microsoft made a huge improvement in the system resources needed for Windows 7 after its fatal mistake with Windows Vista! But I will continue running windows XP as all of my programs runs perfectly fine under it and I have no genuine excuse to upgrade. I am a minimalist that I have “nLited” my installation of Windows XP and when I did that installation my nLited XP was consuming 43 MB of RAM for nLited XP just to run with no other programs running, no other Operating System-of-the-NOW can beat that! I am currently waiting for a vLite version tailored for Windows 7 so I can do a redo of performance after removing the “fat” out of Windows 7, but until then, I will just leave the case open and continue my normal activities under Windows XP.

    Thank you!