Persona Wants to Revolutionize Email on your Mac [Preview]

As a professional working on the internet, I get a lot of email. As such, I have taken steps to make my life a little easier when it comes to email. I first moved everything over to Google App or Gmail. Then, I set up various mail clients on my old PC laptop, and was never satisfied. After moving to the Mac, I have been stuck with Mail, and I’m still not satisfied.

I discovered an upcoming mail client coming for the Mac, and it’s name is Persona. Persona is looking to change the way that Mac users work with their email. They have promised a number of great features, including 3 conversation views, a more visual interface, and a focus on the user. You can take a look at it in the video here.

I think what makes me most excited about Persona is that it is so different from its competition. The interface is similar to Mail, but the new views make it really different. It takes a Gmail style approach by using conversations, but gives it that polish that Mac users expect from their apps. They will also group your emails by sender and attachment, which is really new and different.

Persona will also connect with social media They will link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or other accounts an add those people you your address book. For me, this is a killer feature. I use Facebook as my phonebook on my Android phone. I don’t know people’s email addresses, and this would help me keep track of them all.

I can see myself getting this app as soon as it is available. I am now following their Twitter account, and I will be on top of the release when the time comes. You can check out Persona by heading to their site. If you want the latest news, follow them on Twitter, and keep an eye on Techie Buzz.

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