GitHub Releases a Desktop Client for Mac

Social Coding Platform GitHub's LogoThe popular social programming platform,  GitHub, released a Mac version of their desktop application today. For the unaware, GitHub is a website aimed at giving programmers the ability to share code and changes across the internet. It is immensely popular among open source programmers, as well as being used by major companies like Facebook.

The Mac client is one of the best executions that I have seen of GitHub. On top of being very functional, with the ability to pull in both local and internet based repositories, it is very beautiful. Once you download the file and install the app, you can start it up. You will be asked to log into your GitHub account, and from there, you can connect to any repositories that you are a part of.

Unfortunately, I am not really a computer programmer. I have dabbled in some Java and C, but I am not an active user of GitHub. As such, I cannot give a full hearted review of the application or the service. According to the coders I have spoken to about it, GitHub has become an industry standard.

I know that I make use of GitHub to monitor the progress of my Android ROM of choice, CyanogenMod. I check out the commits, comment on the added features, and even directly interact with the coders. I look forward to digging into the features of this desktop client to see how it pertains to my use of GitHub.

I feel like nothing but good can come from having a desktop version of this. The ability to focus more on your work and less on Facebook has to be a good thing. I know that I work better when I write my articles from a desktop client instead of doing it in the browser window.

If you want to see what the GitHub client looks like on Mac, then check out the screen shots below. You can download it by heading over to GitHub.

GitHub Mac Client

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X, Cuts Express Version

Apple released the newest version of their video editing suite, Final Cut Pro, this morning. The newest edition, which is number 10, includes a host of new features and updates that will make any Final Cut fan happy.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Some of the most talked about features in the newest version of Final Cut Pro include native 64-bit support, meaning that the award-winning video editing platform can take full advantage of all the ram available in 64-bit versions of OS X. This means support for more than 4 GB of RAM.

The fans of Final Cut are also excited about the new editing system that Apple calls ‘Magnetic Timeline.’ This trackless system of editing, which resembles the system used by Adobe in their Premier software, makes the process of creating high quality edited video much simpler for the user.

While the new additions are part of the draw of upgrading to Final Cut Pro X, another major reason is to get the updated software. As with every software update release, Apple has included many bug fixes and patches with Final Cut Pro X. However, there is a rather glaring omission from Apple’s newest Final Cut release.

The major complaint from Mac users regarding the release of Final Cut Pro X is around the fact that Apple will not be releasing an Express version of the software. In the past, the steep price tag of the Final Cut suite has kept many users away from the full version, instead opting for the more reasonably priced Express version.

Apple justifies its decision by offering the Pro version of Final Cut for only $299. They say that this price is much more accessible to the average users of Final Cut. The suite can be completed by purchasing the Motion and Compression apps for $49 each. All three applications are available in the Mac App Store.

[via AppleInsider]


Top 5 Favorite RSS Readers for Mac

RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually.

Where there is RSS feed, there are RSS readers. While the way in which RSS feeds work as a medium remains the same, RSS readers differ a lot in working and features. There are many RSS readers which are available for Mac. I must admit that I haven’t tried all available RSS readers. There might be equally good or better ones available.

Below are my top 5 RSS readers available for Mac, in no particular order.

1. NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is one of the oldest RSS reader available for any platform. Its three-paned interface is familier and simple-similar to Apple Mail. The normal version requires a Google Reader account and it can easily fetch thousands of feeds in few moments. NetNewsWire features a variety of views, easy to use keyboard shortcuts, detects microformats allowing you to quickly add data to iCal or Address Book, and has a built in tabbed browser. It sync with Newsgator service, which means that all your Macs and iPhone will have same unread count.

> NetNewsWire (Free)

NetNewsWire-RSS Reader for Mac

2. Reeder for Mac

Reeder is another good RSS reader. It was initially created for iPad/iPhone and made its leap to Mac. It uses Google Reader and can therefore keep articles in sync whether you use it on desktop or iOS, Google Reader’s web interface, or other feed readers like NetNewsWire. It supports a variety of swipe gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Whereas NetNewsWire lets you open different articles in tabs, Reeder instead focuses on a one-at-a-time approach. One click configurable sharing support is available for various services like Twitter, Instapaper, Delicious, Pinboard. All this add to Reeder’s usefulness.

> Reeder for Mac (9.99$)

Reeder for Mac

3. Pulp

Pulp is different from other RSS readers mentioned here in the sense that it offers a tradition newspaper format. Pulp takes your feeds and turns them into a digital newspaper, providing you with text previews and images instead of just headlines. Pretty much everything is customizable, from the newspaper categories to what’s inside of them. There is a feature called the Shelf which allows you to easily Drag-n-Drop articles to it in order to read them later. It supports various swipe gestures and social sharing option. Another great feature of Pulp is the Magic reader which can grab full article, when only excerpt is available and provides full article in easily digestable format.

> Pulp (9.99$)

Pulp-Rss News Aggregator

4. NewsFire

NewsFire is an RSS reader designed with beauty and simplicity in mind. This makes NewsFire attractive, easy to use and highly functional. I should mention that NewsFire does not support an easy import or syncing from Google Reader. If you are a Google Reader fan then you may want to look elsewhere. Official site  describes  it as iChat-like RSS aggregator and we agree with the description. NewsFire keeps feeds simple and clean.

> NewsFire (4.99$)

NewsFire-RSS reader for Mac

5. Vienna

Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac. It provides features comparable to commercial newsreaders. Its main feature includes simple and intuitive user interface, smart folders, difference reading layout, blogging integration, fell AppleScript support. It offers pretty much all standard features with few advance ones. For a free app it works great.

> Vienna (Free)

Vienna-Rss reader for mac

Final thoughts:

There’s a whole variety of RSS readers to choose from. RSS readers offer many features and makes reading simpler. If you’re still using Mail or Safari RSS, it’s time to try something more robust.

Be sure to comment below and tell us about your favorite RSS readers :)

Side Tip: Some websites offer only partial content in RSS feed and you need to visit the site to get full content. Use tip mentioned  here to get full RSS feed.


Nokia Betalabs releases Nokia Software Updater for Mac

Up until now Nokia provided software update tool only for Windows Platform. Nokia has now released a Beta version of Nokia Software Updater for Mac via Nokia Beta Labs.


Although most of the current Smartphones released by Nokia have the facility to receive an update Over-The-Air (OTA), yet many find it easy to update via Nokia Software Updater. The first version of NSU for Mac by Nokia Beta Labs does not offer much features besides updating the firmware. The software also cannot be used to install or update apps on your Smartphone like you can do it on the Windows counterpart.

Once you connect your device to the Mac and start Nokia Software Updater for Mac, it quickly connects the handset to PC Suite mode but fails to automatically detect whether a new version of firmware is available for the handset connected. Users need to manually check whether the firmware is available or not. Since it’s still a Release Candidate, Nokia expects the software may even not function properly so use the software at your own risk.

If you still want to give it a try head over to Nokia Beta labs to download Nokia Software Updater for Mac (You need to login to download).

Chrome for Mac Gets Extension and Sync Support on Dev Channel

About a month or so ago, Google had released Chrome Beta versions for Mac and Linux. However, Chrome for Mac did not have support for , well at-least officially. Mac Beta users could use extensions on through a small hack.

However, TechCrunch is reporting that the dev channel of Chrome for Mac (v4.0.288.1) has now officially got support for both extensions and Bookmark Sync.

To start using the Bookmark sync and extensions on Mac, you will have to switch to the dev channel, more information about that can be found here.

To download Chrome extensions you will have to visit this page.

SnagIt for Mac (Beta) is out, Looks Impressive

SnagIt for Mac
SnagIt for Mac

There are many screen-capture applications for Mac like Skitch, but Mac users have long been waiting for a screenshot app for Mac, which match the capabilities of SnagIt for Windows. SnagIt is basically a screen-capture application program, that creates an image of what you see on your computer monitor.

SnagIt for Windows, is undoubtedly the most advanced and user-friendly screen-capture software application. SnagIt has officially unveiled the Beta version of SnagIt, for taking screenshots on a Mac. The interface is very different from the Windows counterpart, but that is understandable considering that the Windows version uses the Office 2007 Ribbon UI that Microsoft has not made available for Mac applications.

You can download free Beta version of SnagIt for Mac from here.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

It offers an all-in-one capture mode that tries to detect whether you want to grab the full screen, a window, a specific region, or even a scrolling area. Many small things are worth appreciating, like the small magnified window when capturing a region. The awesome thing about the magnified window is that it does not actually appear until your cursor isn’t moving much on the screen. That makes sense because when your cursor is only moving a few pixels at a time is when you are probably trying to get a pixel-perfect screenshot, and that is when you need the magnified area.
Overall, there are a lot of nice touches in the app. You can use keyboard shortcuts, the Menubar icon, or the hide-away window to initiate a capture. SnagIt for Mac is not full-featured yet though, and you will notice that as soon as you click on the Effectstab where all you will see is a Coming soonmessage. The things that are available work very well though.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 3/5

Manage Your Nokia Phone From Your Mac with BluePhoneElite

If you are a Mac user and own a Nokia phone, chances are you might be having a hard time finding a software which will make your job of managing your phone’s SMS, contacts via your Mac easy. Sadly, Nokia has only released a plug-in for iSync, which allows a user to sync  contacts and calendar entries with your Mac.

Nokia has not released either Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite for Mac, thus leaving the Mac users without any support. This is where BluePhoneElite 2 comes to the rescue. The software allows you to manage your call logs, messages, and contacts right from your Mac. The software communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, and the user needs to install an application called BPEnableron his mobile phone before BluePhoneElite 2 is able to synchronize your contacts, messages and call log. The icon of the software on the dock shows 2 bars indicating the network strength and the battery level, which is definitely a nice feature.


BluePhoneElite2 has a Message Center, which shows all your messages in a threaded view, which is very useful. Users can reply to SMS messages from their Mac easily, without even touching their phone. The most interesting and useful feature of BluePhoneElite 2 is the ability to use the speaker of your Mac as a loudspeaker. Basically it means that when you receive a new call, you can use BluePhoneElite 2 to accept the incoming call and you can hear the callers voice from the loudspeaker of your Mac, and the inbuilt microphone will transmit your voice to the caller.  The software also allows you to change the profile of your phone. BluePhoneElite 2 also has an option to setup hotkeys to bring up the message center, call center and to perform several other functions.

BluePhoneElite 2 has few features which even Nokia’s PC/Ovi suite lacks. Also this is the only software I have ever come across for my Mac, which can easily replace Nokia’s Ovi Suite. The software costs 24.95$, which is a bit steep, but for the functionality this software offers, I guess users won’t mind forking out a little bit more. A 14-day trial version of the software is also available for download.  Here is the official product page of BluePhoneElite 2.