Monolingual Frees Up Space On Your Mac By Removing Unnecessary Language Files

After lusting over a MacBook Air for more than a few months, I recently purchased the 13″ MacBook Air with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. While there is no denying the fact that SSDs are the future, they are still pretty pricey.

While Apple originally aimed the MBA as a light laptop replacement for many, it has become a desktop replacement for many including me. The only problem is that the 120.47GB of space does not cut it for me. After installing all my needed apps, backups, pictures and movies, I am not left with sufficient space for day-to-day work. Also, since it is not recommended to fill a SSD more than 50% of its actual capacity, I need to make sure that I always have around 60GB or more free space on my Air.

After hunting through the Internet searching for tips to free up space on my MacBook Air, I came across an app called Monolingual. The app allows you to remove all the unneeded language files, architecture files and Input keyboard layouts from all the installed apps on your Mac. I freed up more than 3GB of space on my MBA by using Monolingual, and removing all the unneeded language and architecture files.

Do keep in mind that once you remove any particular language, or architecture from your OS X installation, the only way to install it back is to do a complete re-installation of OS X, so proceed with caution.

Monolingual can be downloaded for free from here, and works on Mountion Lion as well.


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Rajesh Pandey

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