Manage Your Nokia Phone From Your Mac with BluePhoneElite

If you are a Mac user and own a Nokia phone, chances are you might be having a hard time finding a software which will make your job of managing your phone’s SMS, contacts via your Mac easy. Sadly, Nokia has only released a plug-in for iSync, which allows a user to sync  contacts and calendar entries with your Mac.

Nokia has not released either Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite for Mac, thus leaving the Mac users without any support. This is where BluePhoneElite 2 comes to the rescue. The software allows you to manage your call logs, messages, and contacts right from your Mac. The software communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, and the user needs to install an application called BPEnableron his mobile phone before BluePhoneElite 2 is able to synchronize your contacts, messages and call log. The icon of the software on the dock shows 2 bars indicating the network strength and the battery level, which is definitely a nice feature.


BluePhoneElite2 has a Message Center, which shows all your messages in a threaded view, which is very useful. Users can reply to SMS messages from their Mac easily, without even touching their phone. The most interesting and useful feature of BluePhoneElite 2 is the ability to use the speaker of your Mac as a loudspeaker. Basically it means that when you receive a new call, you can use BluePhoneElite 2 to accept the incoming call and you can hear the callers voice from the loudspeaker of your Mac, and the inbuilt microphone will transmit your voice to the caller.  The software also allows you to change the profile of your phone. BluePhoneElite 2 also has an option to setup hotkeys to bring up the message center, call center and to perform several other functions.

BluePhoneElite 2 has few features which even Nokia’s PC/Ovi suite lacks. Also this is the only software I have ever come across for my Mac, which can easily replace Nokia’s Ovi Suite. The software costs 24.95$, which is a bit steep, but for the functionality this software offers, I guess users won’t mind forking out a little bit more. A 14-day trial version of the software is also available for download.  Here is the official product page of BluePhoneElite 2.

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