Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X, Cuts Express Version

Apple released the newest version of their video editing suite, Final Cut Pro, this morning. The newest edition, which is number 10, includes a host of new features and updates that will make any Final Cut fan happy.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Some of the most talked about features in the newest version of Final Cut Pro include native 64-bit support, meaning that the award-winning video editing platform can take full advantage of all the ram available in 64-bit versions of OS X. This means support for more than 4 GB of RAM.

The fans of Final Cut are also excited about the new editing system that Apple calls ‘Magnetic Timeline.’ This trackless system of editing, which resembles the system used by Adobe in their Premier software, makes the process of creating high quality edited video much simpler for the user.

While the new additions are part of the draw of upgrading to Final Cut Pro X, another major reason is to get the updated software. As with every software update release, Apple has included many bug fixes and patches with Final Cut Pro X. However, there is a rather glaring omission from Apple’s newest Final Cut release.

The major complaint from Mac users regarding the release of Final Cut Pro X is around the fact that Apple will not be releasing an Express version of the software. In the past, the steep price tag of the Final Cut suite has kept many users away from the full version, instead opting for the more reasonably priced Express version.

Apple justifies its decision by offering the Pro version of Final Cut for only $299. They say that this price is much more accessible to the average users of Final Cut. The suite can be completed by purchasing the Motion and Compression apps for $49 each. All three applications are available in the Mac App Store.

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