Techie Interview: Silki Garg From Webtools and Tips

Welcome to another episode of Techie Buzz interviews, where we interview some of the top Asian tech bloggers. In this episode we will be interviewing Silki Garg from Webtools and Tips.


Can you Introduce yourself and your blog to our readers?

silki-gargI am Silki Garg, a successful technocrat, from the Holy city of Varanasi. I am the sole author and owner of the blog Webtools & Tips. This blog was started initially for providing some useful tips to solve the common day problems of not-so-geek type of computer users. Here we also try to discover the best of the useful contents, utilities, websites, which might make your digital life more productive and easy. It was born in October 2007, with a purpose to just add my two cents to the vast knowledge, which has been created by great scholars, thinkers, developers, marketers, customers, people around us, the intellectual readers of this blog, you and me.  

Personal Preferences

Operating System Preference: Windows, Linux or Mac?

Windows, because I had grown up with that. Never tried Linux or Mac.

Browser Preferences: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or any other?

Firefox, no second thoughts. I switched to it about three years back because of tabbed browsing, and stuck to it. Today my main reason of being with it is the availability of Firefox Extensions.

Being a Tech Blogger, you would definitely have some favorite softwares, can you share them with our readers?

Screenshots: Snagit Blogging Tool: Windows Live Writer Image Editing: Gimp

What gadgets do you own as of today?

My Sony Ericsson 800i

What Feed Reader(s) do you Use?

Google Reader.

Do you have any favorite Tech Blogs you read on a daily or regular basis?

Techie Buzz: (where I am a co-author too) and off-course Digital Inspiration: Off late, I am not much into social networking. Contrary to many beliefs, I am finding Social Media to be a waste of time. Google is the King, I get 95% of my traffic from Google. I know, there are many differences of opinions there. But this is my firm belief.


Why did you decide to blog about technology?

Because this is the area, where I am working, where I have interests, and where I think I can contribute my two cents.

What tools do you use for Blogging?

My Laptop, a 512 kbps Dial-Up BSNL Broadband connection and Windows Live Writer.

What analytic tools do you use to track traffic on your blog?

Google Analytics and StatCounter.

Is the technology niche saturated today? What are the things you do to keep your blog unique from others?

What I don’t like about most of the blogs in this niche including mine, is that they are totally de-focused. No single direction, no focused content. Off late, I am trying to give my blog a specific direction. Let’s see how far I succeed.

How do you react to a product/software release? Do you feel the urge to blog it?

No, in fact I stay clear of it. I try to write about things which are not time specific. I try that my posts give value to a reader even after one year. This restricts me to blog about latest news, events and product releases.

What are the features, qualities you look in a product / software before you blog about it?

I write for the sub-niche, where people are not that tech-savvy. So, I look for ease-of-use and mass appeal.

Don’t you think readers get a overdose of content with new product/software releases?

Yes off-course, and I hate it.

Past / Future and Some Advice for Readers

Going into the past, would you have liked to take up another niche? Please elaborate.

No, I think I was fortunate to make a wise decision and choose a niche where I have interests. It is important to stick to your interests, because a day comes in every blogger’s life when he doesn’t find anything he should blog about. No new story, no product, no new idea. They call it “Blogger’s Block” At that time, it helps you, if you operating in a niche, where you have actual interests.

Going into the future, what would you do to stay in the higher bracket of tech blogs?

Improve, Improve, Improve and work on SEO.

And finally, before signing off, any special advice on blogging about technology for our readers?

Tech Niche is too broad for everybody to succeed. Pick a sub-niche.

And that was Silki Garg for you don’t forget to visit her blog Web Tools and Tips to follow her take on technology.

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