Techie Interview: Siddharth aka Rockstar Sid From Blogote

Welcome to another episode of Techie Buzz interviews, where we interview some of the top Asian tech bloggers. In this episode we will be interviewing Siddharth aka Rockstar Sid from Blogote.

Siddharth is a great guy and I have known him for some time, he specifically asked me to use the avatar as his picture, that’s him :). So go ahead and enjoy the interview now.


Can you Introduce yourself and your blog to our readers?

siddharth-aka-rockstar-sid Definitely I am not a smart,creative or genius guy around.Just a normal human being with simple dreams and no extra ordinary powers.Determined luck and dedicated GOD changes one’s life! Not a follower of "Hard work" and still I believe that everyone gets lucky someday! My blog –,another blog about tech life which is yet to be known,currently in mom’s womb which is supposed to burst out within 9 months ;)

Personal Preferences

Operating System Preference: Windows, Linux or Mac?

Windows! easy-to-use interface as I and my friends are used to it!

Browser Preferences: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or any other?

Though My PC warns me with a blue screen I still use lot of different browsers and software’s.Firefox and (lately) Chrome browser are suitable browsers which I use regularly.

Being a Tech Blogger, you would definitely have some favorite softwares, can you share them with our readers?

I prefer online services rather than softwares but I do use some simple softwares like live writer,winamp,1by1 and so on..

What gadgets do you own as of today?

I have N70 M and Nokia cellphone (6600),still curious about Apple products,Might have one in my hands by the end of this year!

What Feed Reader(s) do you Use?

I have Brief add-on installed on Firefox and also Feed demon on my desktop! Sadly I don’t use them much,as I love stumbling sites through search engine.

Do you have any favorite Tech Blogs you read on a daily or regular basis?

I do read some blogs but none of them are on my favorite list.


Why did you decide to blog about technology?

Influential friends were the real cause for the growth of this "Technology" idea.

What tools do you use for Blogging?

For blogging I use windows live writer and for spamming I use some sites and softwares!

What analytic tools do you use to track traffic on your blog?

Statcounter and Google analytics,first preference would be statcounter as it shows Good stats on some low traffic days :D

Is the technology niche saturated today? What are the things you do to keep your blog unique from others?

No niche is saturated, it is just some blogs which don’t get into their niche pretty well. Unlike other people who says "I write unique,do this and that", I am contented with KISS (keep it simple stupid) logic. Just simple plain things which is bound to help works well! Do anything what you want to do and results are always good…

How do you react to a product/software release? Do you feel the urge to blog it?

I do check about latest product release but I hardly feel like blogging about it as I already have some 100’s of incomplete drafted posts..

What are the features, qualities you look in a product / software before you blog about it?

Something useful, something different and something which not a lot of bloggers have already written about.

Don’t you think readers get a overdose of content with new product/software releases?

Sometimes it does! Moreover writing about new freeware software products or web 2.0 sites will help direct visitors to have a glance on latest useful trends.

Past / Future and Some Advice for Readers

Going into the past, would you have liked to take up another niche? Please elaborate.

I crafted some blogs in the past about making money and some songs/movies website, so I thought Tech blogging would be something worth which I would love to try! Proved very helpful though.

Going into the future, what would you do to stay in the higher bracket of tech blogs?

Get some freelance writer, enhance the blogging niche. I have 4 long years available to establish myself and my blog brand.

And finally, before signing off, any special advice on blogging about technology for our readers?

Golden tips – Read, find stats of other blogs or bookmark them, and One day you will be motivated to blog more and more.. call it a quest, motivation or competition but these things work!!

And that was Siddharth aka Rockstar Sid, don’t forget to visit his blog from Blogote to follow his take on technology.

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