Techie Interview: Mayank Gupta, WordPress Design Guru and Freelance Writer

Welcome to another episode of Techie Interview where we are quizzing some of the top Asian Technology bloggers. In this episode we are talking with Mayank Gupta who owns Blog Design Studio which provides customized WordPress theme development, he also does a lot of freelance writing for various websites. You can catch up with Mayank at his personal website and Review Blog or follow him on (follow us).


Can you Introduce yourself and your blog to our readers?

mayank-gupta Hi! I’m Mayank Gupta, 24 year old guy from New Delhi, India. I’m a professional blogger by profession and I run a blog design service. I do freelance writing work too and I am part of the CloudLabs team at Cloud Avenue (a Zoho offering).

Personal Preferences

Operating System Preference: Windows, Linux or Mac?

No specific – I’ve used all the three and I’m comfortable with all of them. Although, These days I’m in love with my Macbook – so you can say Mac, Windows, Linux – this will be the order of preference.

Browser Preferences: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or any other?

Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, Chrome (as I’m on Mac – so I’ve not used Chrome regularly – can’t say if I will fall for it)

Being a Tech Blogger, you would definitely have some favorite softwares, can you share them with our readers?

Windows Live Writer (no one can beat it!), Ecto (only Mac version), Skype, Firefox, SnagIT (no one can beat it too!)

What gadgets do you own as of today?


What Feed Reader(s) do you Use?

Google Reader, Net News Wire

Do you have any favorite Tech Blogs you read on a daily or regular basis?

I don’t read any specific tech blog these days. I generally subscribe to Google Tech/News section, techmeme & digg tech section


Why did you decide to blog about technology?

Technology has always attracted me and I can feel the excitement going through my spine as soon as I see some technological advancement in the world. Be it related to gadgets, software or on internet. So, a technology blog was always on cards and that’s why ReviewSaurus came in the picture. Thanks to that blog as it helped me jump into full time blogging.

What tools do you use for Blogging?

Ecto, WordPress, Skitch, Tweetdeck, Skype.

What analytic tools do you use to track traffic on your blog?

Google Analytics.

Is the technology niche saturated today? What are the things you do to keep your blog unique from others?

Well, on internet nothing is saturated one should know how to write (I don’t know how to write) and should know how to do the networking and they can become hit. Even if it’s a tech blog. I’ve stopped posting on my tech blog, but most likely i’m going to convert it into a forum.

How do you react to a product/software release? Do you feel the urge to blog it?

I always feel that I should write about a product/software release, however as I’ve stopped blogging on ReviewSaurus – So, I generally read about it and then leave my comments on it.

What are the features, qualities you look in a product / software before you blog about it?

Every software has it’s PROS and CONS. I generally focus on the amount of features and ease of use. If a software has good features and a bad UI then it won’t be able to impress me. I’ll always prefer a software with decent features and excellent UI

Don’t you think readers get a overdose of content with new product/software releases?

No I don’t think so. There are people in the world who are not geeks like us and they don’t follow lot of tech blogs at once. Its geeks only who generally subscribe to so many rss feeds of similar niche and then get overwhelmed with the amount of information they see on similar topic.

Past / Future and Some Advice for Readers

Going into the past, would you have liked to take up another niche? Please elaborate.

Considering that I didn’t know much about blogging and how exactly it works, I made a good choice as Technology was always my passion. And I will surely pick the same niche even if I have the same level of knowledge (as I have now) .. I will surely go ahead and start a tech blog.

Going into the future, what would you do to stay in the higher bracket of tech blogs?

Well, it’s too broad to talk about it and I think there are lot of things which can be done. Getting in the mainstream media, guest blogging are some of the things which I’ll do regularly. Although, my main focus is Blog Design Studio at the moment

And finally, before signing off, any special advice on blogging about technology for our readers?

Whenever you start your day – open Google and Bow in front of it :)

And that was Mayank Gupta a tech blogger, blog design studio owner and freelancer, don’t forget to tune in to the blog to get your dose of tips and tricks on blogging.

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