Techie Interview: Karthik Ramadoss from Shankri-la

Welcome to another featured series at Techie Buzz, where we interview some of the top Asian tech bloggers. In this series we will be introducing you to some of the best technology bloggers who talk and walk technology. In today’s episode we are talking with Karhik Ramadoss who blogs at Shankri-la, a place where technology meets daily life.

The interview is divided into 4 different categories and tries to find the personal and blogging preferences of the top tech bloggers.


Can you Introduce yourself and your blog to our readers?

karthik-ramodasI am Karthik Ramadoss and 30 years old. Born in Chennai and living in Michigan, US. I started out reading blogs like Lifehacker, Slashdot, etc and have always been fascinated with technology & Internet. I started playing with WordPress and created as a personal blog. Soon, I realized I wanted to write more about my interesting finds in the Internet to share it with my friends and family and anyone else interested. Now, that has grown into a blog that is today and thankful to all my readers who made this possible. More Here.

Personal Preferences

Operating System Preference: Windows, Linux or Mac?

Linux & Windows in that order. Linux – the endless freedon you get with it. I have secretly known to lust after Macbooks but haven’t gotten by hands on one yet.

Browser Preferences: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or any other?

Firefox. Period.

Being a Tech Blogger, you would definitely have some favorite softwares, can you share them with our readers?

Firefox, FastStone capture, Mozilla Prism, Humanized Enso, Dropbox

What gadgets do you own as of today?

iPhone 3g & Xbox.

What Feed Reader(s) do you Use?

Google Reader. I used GreatNews portable reader for a long time but drifted back to the big G.

Do you have any favorite Tech Blogs you read on a daily or regular basis?

Lifehacker, Digital Inspiration, Techie Buzz (no, really), Slashdo


Why did you decide to blog about technology?

Because it is something I love learning, tinkering, playing with everyday and usually can’t wait to share it with my readers. It’s easy to blog about something you are passionate about.

What tools do you use for Blogging?

Scribefire & FireFTP Firefox extensions, Remember the Milk, Twitter, FastStone Capture, Google Reader & Flickr.

What analytic tools do you use to track traffic on your blog?

Google analytics.

Is the technology niche saturated today? What are the things you do to keep your blog unique from others?

Not really. The best thing about blogging is that there can never be too many bloggers. I don’t try to compete with ‘breaking news’ blogs. This lets me discuss things that are close to my heart and hopefully helps distinguish Shankrila from others.

How do you react to a product/software release? Do you feel the urge to blog it?

Not unless it is something I use everyday and it impacts something I do day to day in a positive way.

What are the features, qualities you look in a product / software before you blog about it?

I look for innovation, user friendly interface, intuitive controls. If it makes my everyday tasks easier in anyway I’ll blog about it.

Don’t you think readers get a overdose of content with new product/software releases?

Isn’t that what we techie’s crave for? So, no.

Past, Future and Some Advice for Readers

Going into the past, would you have liked to take up another niche? Please elaborate.

Nope. I still have secret hopes of blogging more about WordPress in Shankrila though.

Going into the future, what would you do to stay in the higher bracket of tech blogs?

Keep blogging about the things I love and am passionate about. I have been guest author here at Techie-Buzz before and elsewhere. Once I find the time, I would like to do that more.

And finally, before signing off, any special advice on blogging about technology for our readers?

Don’t be put off by a lot of blogs talking about the same topic you want to talk about. Everyone has a different take on the same topic and that is why most people read blogs. To hear your view on it. So, go ahead and blog it. We’ll read.

And that was Karthik Ramadoss for you don’t forget to visit his blog Shankri-la to follow his take on technology.

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