Techie Interview: DJFlush aka Saad Hamid from Sizlopedia

Welcome to another episode of Techie Buzz interviews, where we interview some of the top Asian tech bloggers. In this episode we will be interviewing DJFlush aka Saad Hamid from Sizlopedia. DJ Flush is a very popular blogging figure in Pakistan and it is pretty nice to have him telling us his views.

This post is a bit special for us too, as it marks a milestone of compelting 1000 posts for us, phew can’t believe we are finally there, hopefully you should several more thousands of interesting articles in the coming years :-)


Can you Introduce yourself and your blog to our readers?

djflush-aka-haad-samid Well I am 20 year old tech enthusiast from Pakistan pursuing my engineering studies with a great love for blogging, tech media and web 2.0. is main blog for which I am recognized all around the web. It has been around for 2 years and focuses on Gadgets, Software and Tips and Tricks.

Personal Preferences

Operating System Preference: Windows, Linux or Mac?

Windows has always been my first and only love. Probably because I never even knew about Mac or Linux until a couple of years ago. I am a big fan of Ubuntu though and use it occasionally. My new date is the Mac OS X on my Macbook Pro, which I find quite hard to use sometimes.

Browser Preferences: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or any other?

Firefox without a question (Who doesn’t want speed, security, addons and privacy all together?) Internet Explorer is a complete waste of time, Safari is elegant, Opera is for the light surfers and Google Chrome is just too over-rated.

Being a Tech Blogger, you would definitely have some favorite softwares, can you share them with our readers?

  • Twhirl (For endless tweeting on Twitter)
  • FeedDemon (To get information anywhere, anytime)
  • Nvu (A free code editor to edit themes or plugins, best free alternative to Dreamweaver)
  • DropBox (To keep your files synced across multiple PCs and laptops)

What gadgets do you own as of today?

Ok this has to be the question I would love to answer. Nokia N95, iPod Touch, iPhone, Macbook Pro.

What Feed Reader(s) do you Use?

FeedDemon and NewsGator

Do you have any favorite Tech Blogs you read on a daily or regular basis?



Why did you decide to blog about technology?

Technology is dynamic and ever growing. There is no end to it and the best part about it is you get to discover and share totally new stuff.

What tools do you use for Blogging?


What analytic tools do you use to track traffic on your blog?

Google Analytics.

Is the technology niche saturated today? What are the things you do to keep your blog unique from others?

It is one of the most saturated niches on the web without a doubt. I tend to keep my blog unique by not throwing away a post on every tech news on the Internet. I just wait for the big fish to catch the hook and once it does, I do research, analyze the subject and then present it in a unique manner. The audience loves to read well-researched and in-depth articles.

How do you react to a product/software release? Do you feel the urge to blog it?

I definitely do. Despite the emails I receive daily about the launch of a new web app or software, I keep myself under control. Unless is something really off the hook, I don’t give it a review.

What are the features, qualities you look in a product / software before you blog about it?

It should be unique (which, in case of a web app, is hard to find) It should be free (I hate paid stuff and so does the readers)

Don’t you think readers get a overdose of content with new product/software releases?

They do but at the same time they like reading about it too. To understand the reader psychology, you need to act and think like a reader yourself. Readers love to read different opinions about a product/software to judge it better.

Past / Future and Some Advice for Readers

Going into the past, would you have liked to take up another niche? Please elaborate.

Health and Fitness. Not because Google AdSense pays high for it lol, but if I had such a blog I could have focused on my own health and fitness and this would have been a living example for my readers to see. Not that I am going to die of cancer lol, its just a niche I would like instead.

Going into the future, what would you do to stay in the higher bracket of tech blogs?

Not review all of the stupid new product/software released. Choose my content very carefully Focus on quality rather than quantity

And finally, before signing off, any special advice on blogging about technology for our readers?

Well don’t go for money, go for your interest. Write unique and think like a reader.

And that was DJFlush for you don’t forget to visit his blog Sizlopedia to follow his take on technology, also visit his personal blog to learn more about it.

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