Interview with Ben Lang, the creator of Notification Control

Ben Lang is an 18 year old entrepreneur. He’s the founder of EpicLaunch and MySchoolHelp. Recently he’s been working on the marketing team at Wibiya and also launched Notification Control. You can follow him on Twitter @benln.

Ben Lang

Me:  What was your first leap into entrepreneurship? Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

Ben Lang (BL): When I was 14, my grandfather gave me his camera equipment to sell online. Once I understood how profitable it could be, I started selling other people’s stuff for them for a commission.

Me: What difficulties do you run into as an entrepreneur? How do you overcome them?

BL: Time is an issue. I always find that there’s not enough time to work on everything I want to be doing. I’m always trying to optimize my time management to get the most done.

Me: Your project Notification Control has seemed to create a lot of buzz. Tell us, how you thought of the idea for Notification Control?

BL: I was inspired by the success of, a simple site for cleaning app permissions. I thought it might be an interesting experiment to see if I could make something similar yet different that could also go viral.

Me: What motivated you to create Notification Control?

BL: Email sucks. I always find myself unsubscribing from newsletters, changing my notification settings and deleting emails. So I thought it might be a solid idea to create a simple site to manage all of your email settings from most of the popular social networks in one shot.

Me: When did you start blogging? What motivated you to become a blogger?

BL: I started blogging a few years ago about my eBay business. It helped me gain clients and build credibility online. Since then I’ve continued to blog about my experiences and share what I’ve learned over time.

Me: Do you have any advice for teens who want to become an entrepreneur?

BL: For teens who are interested in the web but aren’t particularly technical (like me), my advice would be to get started by building WordPress sites. Once you have some idea, get Launchrock up on your site, test it out, see if people sign up. Then go for it, WordPress is easy to learn and just do whatever you can on your own. If you need help, there’s always the Internet out there.

Me: In your opinion, what makes a great entrepreneur?

BL: I’m a huge fan of those entrepreneurs who accomplish great things but stay humble and down to earth. There are some truly amazing entrepreneurs out there who continually help others out.

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