Interview with a Teenage Hacker

When Keith asked if anyone from the team wanted to interview a self-professed teenage hackerfrom India, I was cynical. Usually script kiddies in India who are also kids in real life suffer from delusions of grandeur along with the need to impress the fellow man his or her importance to India’s Cyber War against (who else?) Pakistan.


minhal mehdiis no different, for he is quite the teenager (but asked me to refrain from revealing his true age in this post) and has been hacking his way into some low security websites for about six months now, along with his friend and seniorNoTty_rAJ.

Minhal claims to hail from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh and is [hopefully] a high-schooler with some years of school still left. He also believes hacking is not always a crime, and that it is an art and his passion.

He also has a blog with a single post and twelve comments from his own person about how good his hacking skills are. (Thank you Pallab!)

In his introductory email, minhal claimed to have hacked manywebsites a short list being posted here. His claim to fame, in other words, is hacking one server’s root with an SQL vulnerability.

An abridged chat transcript follows with minimal editing pertaining to minhal’s answers.

Techie-Buzz (TB): What prompted you to start hacking?

minhal: i saw many forign hackers are hacking indian website, feeling of revenge motivated me for hacking. My hacks are payback to forign hackers for hacking indian websites.

TB: Which Indian websites were hacked that motivated you?

minhal: cbi website and thousends of indian websites.

TB: But you’ve mostly hacked low-security websites whose domain registrations have expired by now.

minhal: i’m new in cyber wolrd and trying to do my best for india

TB: What kind of loopholes did you find in these websites?

minhal: shell upload vlun. or SQL vlun. i found XSS in nasa’s website.

TB: So these were from exploit-db or bugtraq, right?

minhal: nah ,, its was my own

TB: So did you hack the NASA website?

minhal: it was president Xss but XSS is too long and boring

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  • Akshat

    That guy sounds like an asshole.

    • In my opinion he’s less of an asshole and more of a kid with a flawed sense of patriotism and delusional grandeur. Sad.

      • Udit

        And do not forget that , unfortunately, there are lots of kids like him who suffer from the same delusions and can be more damaging, both to the overall situation and their own lives. Hope the kids wakes up soon.

  • Udit

    My first reaction to this article is : BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *to the “hacker” rather than the article of course :)

    Now I am not a hacker, I do not claim to know anything about hacking, but I can understand the difference between fakers and the real stuff. :P The tone of exasperated sarcasm by the writer of the article is quite evident in the questions :P Kiddo fails to realize that.

    My second comment: So who is the new copy editor here?

    • It’s very sad indeed that he has these mistaken beliefs, but I digress. I did not wish to put on a sarcastic tone initially, but as I said – the boy (?) needs to grow up and out of these false beliefs.

      Also, why the second question?

      • Udit

        Some words are missing the vowels and some words have their letters mixed up :) Nothing serious. And also I was just curious too as they said there have been some new additions to that post. Wondering who :)

        And I do not disagree with your view. As mentioned in my reply above. Hope the kid grows up, till then this article and the undercurrents of sarcasm are quite delightful.

        • Oh the chat log has been pasted as-is, so his words are quite messed up. (Frankly, much of his chats before and after this snippet made no sense to me)

  • good interview dost…