Use YouTube as a Alarm Clock

Waking up is something many of us don’t like which is why Levi Hutchins invented the alarm clock in 1787 (Wikipedia), so that we break our sleep with a annoying sound that keeps beeping on and on.

But times have changed and so has the alarm, these days people wake up listening to their favorite music or radio talk shows instead of those annoying beeps. But do you want a YouTube video as a alarm? Read on.


To take that one step further using a service called Online video clock you can set your favorite video to play as your alarm.

Though this service sounds pretty cool there are few things that may not exactly work out because;

  1. You need to keep this site open to hear the alarm.
  2. You need to keep your PC on to hear the alarm.
  3. You need to keep your speakers on.

Now if you are ready to to the above three things this can really be fun. If not then read our tutorial on How to use Wake on LAN to automatically start the PC at any given time, this will help you skip the above things and only start the PC when the alarm needs to go off.

Online Video Clock [via Technospot]

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