Yahoo Maps Gets Design Refresher

Following the Yahoo logo update three weeks ago, Yahoo Maps today landed in tow and got itself a design and usability update.

tumblr_inline_mtoww8PDq31qhxx5sThe Yahoo Search Company blog reports a couple of “key new features and content options” that enhances results for local searches on Yahoo Maps, but only in the United States, it seems. With the new updates, the system now shows you different routes to a destination depending on whether you plan to walk or take the public transport. “The public transportation view lets you see different options so you can pick which one looks best to you. All connections and transfers are clearly presented in a thoughtful manner.” – says Anand Chandrasekaran, Senior Director, Product Management on the company blog.

Along with the new route updates, Yahoo has also updated satellite imagery. ” We’ve recently refreshed satellite imagery for over 14 million square kilometers of land – significantly reducing  cloud cover, improving edge matching and image sampling and creating coast to coast views” – promises the web company.

There’s no denying Google’s monopoly in online mapping and street routing, but a little competition in every field does nothing but good for the average consumer. If you appreciate Yahoo’s gusto, check out their maps offering on

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