Xmarks “Bring Your Own Server” BYOS Edition

XMarks is a nice way to synchronize and store your browser bookmarks online, however not many would feel comfortable storing their passwords and bookmarks on a third party server.

Here is some good news, Xmarks have now released a new version specifically for users who want to sync their data to their own servers.


The BYOS edition will allow users to specify their own servers where they can sync all their bookmarks and password and restore them or access them from multiple places.

The BYOS edition of Xmarks provides the following features;

  • Does not communicate with our servers except to open a tab in your browser after an upgrade to tell you what’s new.
  • Does not contain any Discovery features.
  • Will be upgraded much less frequently than our standard Xmarks add-ons.

Xmarks BYOS is currently only available as a , you will have to uninstall the older Xmarks add-on before you can start using Xmarks BYOS.

Introducing Xmarks Bring Your Own ServerBETA [Xmarks Blog]

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