Wrttn.in Is A Simple But Feature Rich Online Notepad/Pastebin

When it comes to putting text on the internet, you’d think a pastebin would be the best bet. Of course, it is. Pastebins have been around since 2002, when pastebin.com came out probably one of the first paste bins around. Now, a pastebin is a simple thing. You put text. You get a url. The page at that url shows the text you put into it. Simple. However, with time, pastebins have evolved too, both on the feature-side and appearance-side.

Recently, I found Wrttn.in (you can call it written, I suppose) I think it’s the best pastebin ever built.

The thing about most other pastebins that I don’t like is usually the design of the output page or the dearth of text formatting options, code formatting (or lack of), prominence of ads on the output page and the inability to set font size. Basically, I want my text to look good and have it published in the least time.

Wrttn solves all those problems, and does a lot more.


  • Clean layout non distracting from the real text.
  • Custom CSS if you want to customize your content, this is the way to go.
  • No Ads no advertisements, branding, logo, no nothing except your content on the output page.
  • API available fetch your content from another app through an api. The content arrives in clean html.
  • Media ready Put a link to a YouTube video and Wrttn will automatically embed it. Neat. 

Demo of the output page: http://wrttn.in/fa2b56

The best part is that when you send the link to somebody, only your text is visible on the page. Nothing else. You have to check the url to see if you’re on a wrttn page. And there’s also formatting with Textile and Markdown markup systems. That’s basically the same formatting system used in Gmail Chat. *bold* _emphasized_ .

When you save a wrrtn document and get the public url, you also get an admin url. You can save this admin url if you wish to delete or edit your wrttn post later.

Wrrtn is developed by Joel Monegro from Florida, US.

Before wrttn.in, my favorite pastebin was txtb.in.

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Keshav Khera

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