Wordcounter: Online Word Frequency Tool to Count Repetitive Words

If you are a writer and struggling to get your style correct, Wordcounter can help. Wordcounter is a free online tool which can be used for many common tasks like: counting words in a given text, finding repetitive words etc. This tool can rank the most frequently used words in any text document. This can be immensly useful when you want to judge your writing skills and analyze what words do you use often.

To get started, just visit Wordcounter and paste the text that you want Wordcounter to analyze.


From the dropdown menu, you can include or exclude common words and the number of words that you want Wordcounter to list and rank.


Press the “Go” button and Wordcounter will list the results as shown below:


So, there you are. Wordcounter has listed the most used words in the given text, so that you can see the flaws in your writing. It can also act as a good keyword tool for Bloggers. You can use it to analyze the density of a particular keyword in your article and judge whether it is too low or abnormaly high.(also read:Never Spell a Word Wrong Again with Enso Words).

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Wordcounter is a nice little tool for anybody who wants to see variations and patterns in his writing. However more functionalities are desired like: spell checker, grammar correction etc. If the developer could include uploading of Word or text documents, then it would be even more beneficial to use.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5(average)

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