Winzip Debuts ZipSend And ZipShare: Sharing Large Files Made Simple Via Email And Facebook

You know what’s the biggest frustration of sharing large files with an online friend?

It’s not the technology you use but the technology used by the other person who needs your files and has never heard of services like DropBox, Windows Live Skydrive, YouSendIt and so on. There have been times when this friend of mine calls up in the middle of night saying Hey I need all those project files right this instant.

I asked him whether he has a DropBox or a Skydrive account, and he replies What’s that? I mean why don’t you email me all those files(he is not aware of the 25 MB email attachment limit and wants me to upload all files one by one, while I am dying to sleep).

Winzip is trying to solve this situation with its brand new social file sharing feature ZipSend and ZipShare (nice names).

WinZip’s ZipSend Send Files Up to 2GB Via Email


Here is how it works.

ZipSend lets you compress multiple files and folders into a single archive, which you can email to anyone. It is basically an email plugin that marries your desktop or online email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo). When your files have finished uploading, ZipSend will email the recipient a download link of all the files as a new email message.

You will need a ZipSend account (Free) and have to install the WinZip Courier application on your system. The free plan of ZipSend lets you upload up to 50 MB of archived files for free, while the Pro option allows 2GB of file uploads via your ZipSend account.

So what makes ZipSend stand out from DropBox and other competing file sharing products? Nothing, except the fact that some people are over obsessed with email attachments and they are really skeptical on using third party sites for file downloads.

Send them a thousand email attachments and they feel secured and happy.

That’s where ZipSend fits in, when your target users are really basic and they want those files right in their email inbox. Otherwise, the features of ZipSend are still in its developing stages. For example; the free account of ZipSend gives you only 50 MB per file upload while the maximum number of files sent per month is restricted to 100. The Pro account sounds a little liberal at 2GB per file but then it costs $9.99 a month. Compared to Dropbox, which allows file uploads of up to 300 MB in size for free accounts, ZipSend is simply a waste of time.

ZipShare: A File Upload Container For Your Facebook Profile

Unlike ZipSend, ZipShare is completely free and lets you quickly share files with Facebook friends and groups. Not more than 20MB per file though.

Go to, login with your Facebook account, upload all the files and share the download link on your wall or a Facebook group. The maximum disk space of your ZipShare account is 100 MB while the maximum file size per upload is 20 MB. Not bad!


A word of caution here. Once the download link is posted on your Facebook wall, any of your Facebook friends can click through to see what you have just shared. ZipShare does not support Facebook friend lists yet, so there is no way to share files with only specific Facebook friends. A little awkward but if that’s fine on your half, ZipShare is the ideal choice for sharing random files with Facebook friends. Pretty quick actually!

For the curious, I don’t use Winzip. $29.95 > 7Zip

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