Win Free Google Wave Invites

I am sure you would love to get your hands on this novel collaboration tool called Google Wave that has created a humungous hype and is tremendously trending in the intrepid internet. Alliterations aside, we are giving away invites to you, for free (as in gratis). Each Wave account has eight invitations (as you can see in the screenshot) , and the Techie Buzz team is happy to announce that we will be giving away up to twenty free Google Wave invites to Techie Buzz readers pooled in from all the Wave accounts of the Techie Buzz team.Invites

However, as always, there is a catch. You, reader, must leave a comment on this post or any of the other two posts linked to in this one telling us why you would want an invite. The best answers will be nominated for the invite as you can see from the screenie itself that the invites are not sent immediately. The specific words used by the Google Wave team are We have a lot of stamps to lick.

However, we will add the best comments to the invitation list. Do remember to put in your email ID when commenting (not in the body of the comment, but I am sure you knew that!)

As an added benefit, Tweeting any or all these posts might also increase your chances of getting an invite. So grab the opportunity now!

Update: Thanks for the overwhelming response. We have nominated some of the commentators for wave invites, we will be doing so for more of you in the next few days. Happy waving.

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  • I need this invite. I know its my destiny to go asking like this. I have never got what I wanted..ever..When Gmail was launched, I remember begging and pleading people for invites.Yet, I was among the last to get an invite. It was the same even with dead services like pownce..So, I know I will never be lucky enough to get an invite quicker than others..But as it is, trying my luck here..Not that I am hopeful…

  • I just love anything that google makes and i think that google wawe is the best product they have ever made, so plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me an invite :)

  • dev18

    Hi, I would like to get an invite, because as a Web 2.0 web application developer and designer I have to see other web major web apps, so I can get new ideas and make better web applications.

  • Bilio

    Google Wave: for the true couch surfer – in this case, me!

  • Claudio

    Hi folk!
    I’d love to try Wave because I think it’s a revolutionary way to communication and collaboration. Not to talk about sharing document.
    I’d love to try it at work, and at home with friends.
    This think seem to be so damn flexible and easy to use, I simply can’t wait to test it!

  • O RLY

    [lame beg]
    You don’t really need to drop an invite here… because
    I’m too good for Google Wave.
    Hint: They call me Chuck, and I’m a internets superstar.
    [/lame beg]

  • gd morning teachbuzz i just wanted to say that i have bean a long time subscriber offcorse not on this email listed up cuz i use hotmail to subscribe to papers bcuz i like to use gmail for friends! and i would really love to get invited to join in i allways use gmail am allways on it i would soo mutch love joining in the big waive!:) i hope verrry mutch tat u pick me bigg thanx love elaisoline:)

  • Richard Rivera

    I’m looking forward to using google wave in the workplace, as well as privately. I’m interested in seeing how it can be applied to my work environment for sharing data, editing documents, and collaborating in a sort of internet based meeting. Using features such as the extension that allows you to make a conference call from within wave all seem to be very applicable to the workplace.

    Personally I would love to be able to start waves with family and friends, sharing multimedia such as photos and video. I’m interested in seeing how the conversations will take shape and form in the new wave setting.

    Look forward to just experiencing the wave of the future as well as applying it to everyday needs.

  • Getting the invite to google wave would be great. It would allow me to provide bugs, errors, and be a parts of this developing software. It would also better enable me to multitask by utililizing the embedding features to my websites, blogs, social networking sites, all from one app. Cant wait for this one to come out.. Move over Facebook, Twitter, myspace.. there is a new game in town with a great vision..

  • Buendia

    HI! I really like Gmail. In fact, I prefer it instead of Yahoo Mail or even Hotmail. I’m sure GWave will be at least as twice as successful as Gmail is, so I would like a chance to help it succeed.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hearing the buzz, I came to know that Google Wave is not just a wave, but a tsunami, that would destroy the current social networking and turn it over a new leaf….

    I would just love to see how does it do…..And of course,I could do some beta testing….

  • I want to ride on google wave
    Wave that brings me closer to the techie buzz
    Buzz that is around the google wave
    Wave is what I want the most
    Most invites has techie buzz
    Buzz which is greatest of them all

    So please let me enjoy google wave ASAP, cuz I like to test new products.

  • Alessandro

    I want an Invite to wave to close it a second later after what Google did to Cyanogen for the Android roms.

  • robert

    Please let me Google WAVE…my 17 month old son can wave….so please let me learn to google wave (sorry if this is a repeat) walraven (at)

  • Sergiu Vicol

    I would need Google Wave because I’m involved in a school project and this would be a great tool.

    Thank you,