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I am sure you would love to get your hands on this novel collaboration tool called Google Wave that has created a humungous hype and is tremendously trending in the intrepid internet. Alliterations aside, we are giving away invites to you, for free (as in gratis). Each Wave account has eight invitations (as you can see in the screenshot) , and the Techie Buzz team is happy to announce that we will be giving away up to twenty free Google Wave invites to Techie Buzz readers pooled in from all the Wave accounts of the Techie Buzz team.Invites

However, as always, there is a catch. You, reader, must leave a comment on this post or any of the other two posts linked to in this one telling us why you would want an invite. The best answers will be nominated for the invite as you can see from the screenie itself that the invites are not sent immediately. The specific words used by the Google Wave team are We have a lot of stamps to lick.

However, we will add the best comments to the invitation list. Do remember to put in your email ID when commenting (not in the body of the comment, but I am sure you knew that!)

As an added benefit, Tweeting any or all these posts might also increase your chances of getting an invite. So grab the opportunity now!

Update: Thanks for the overwhelming response. We have nominated some of the commentators for wave invites, we will be doing so for more of you in the next few days. Happy waving.

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40 thoughts on “Win Free Google Wave Invites”

  1. ive a lot reasons … im the first comment (:

    the second is …i have a invite please beacuse my mother is a social media expert!!! and google is my father (:

  2. Hi,
    I want an invite because I just want it!!! :D From the reviews I have read on Techie-Buzz by Unitechy, I think it’s an amazing tool and would be very useful for me. Just trying my luck….cheers! :D

  3. I’m keen to get a Google Wave account to further some of the work I am doing in Australia around digital inclusion and the capacity of digital technology to support not-for-profit organisations to undertake their work. Of course, Clay Shirky is right, “the technology on becomes interesting when it is ubiquitous, because it goes from technical capital to social capital”. But, I’m keen to help organisations see the potential of using this technology to support people who are so often isolated and excluded.

  4. This is great! I would love to have one invite for google wave. Being a budding android developer, I would like to see my chances of making an android app which can tweet and wave. :) Tweet part is all fine by now and desperately need a wave account for the rest. I’ll put credits of techie-buzz in my app for sure! :D

  5. Amazing waiting for 1 since long time.. retweeted this post also… Pls pls pls send me an invite…

  6. I’m hoping to get an invite so that I can run through the ability of Google Wave to be used as a project collaboration tool. I’m getting ready to embark on a programming journey, and something like this would be neat to use to keep everything organized and tidy. A great service being offered from google, and you guys are providing a great service for those of us on the outside looking in.

  7. I want Google Wave because it’s crack cocaine for all the techies out there. I WANT IT NOW NOW NOOOOOOOOW

  8. I’d love to an invite because I want to be in! :)
    I am a web developer and I want to use and see for myself what Google Wave is.

  9. I am in the process of establishing myself as a presence technologies consultant to non-profits and small businesses. My goal isn’t to repeatedly recommend a narrow set of the same tools to every business entity. Instead, my focus is on understanding the needs of a business and recommending a mix of tools that most applies to that business. The result of this endeavor is me signing up on numerous sites throughout the internet. From Rejaw (gone) and Jaiku on to Twitter, I work to use and understand not the best representative of a tech, but each segment of technology as a whole. As a programmer, its never about platform or infrastructure, its about code configured to meet specific needs. Clearly, Wave is new and potentially represents the very best of all that’s come before it. Whether it succeeds or fails, it will influence everything that comes after it. Of this there is no doubt and I would like very much to be part of this moment if you are willing to make it real for me. Regardless the outcome, I thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Im not a blogger or a super geek, but I’ve been really really keen to get to try Google Wave and was among the 1st to tweet your 1st impressions ( it got two RTs already if that helps lol ) and i promise to participate in any user feedback stuff you guys do in future on Google Wave – which I know you will.

  11. I want to keep it short. I need an invite to try out Wave and all the mentioned features.

    I have been waiting for it ever since the notification is released and am very much excited to use it. As wave can be used to collaborate with others, I expect an invite from you so that we can test it out together. :D

  12. I want an invite,
    Send that byte!
    I’m bored at work,
    No Captain Kirk:
    A beta test
    Will add some zest.

  13. It’s an itch. It’s a terrible itch. And I need to scratch.. very soon.. But seriously, this is very likely to sweep away my workflow and daily routine. So isn’t the earlier the better??

    ps. Oh and I love your article! *puppy eyes*

  14. I had seen the Google Wave preview and I am very much interested in the real time translation feature of it. Kudos to the google team.
    I would like to explore it, so am requesting for an invite

  15. Can I participate?

    If yes, I would love an invite.
    Why? Simple, because I believe Google Wave is a potential game changer. And I would love to get the oppertunity to play with it. And having beta tested multiple products, I definitely think I can be a decent enough beta tester.

  16. Hey,

    I’d like an invite so that I can invite other people who want an invite that can then invite other people who want an invite who can then invite other people who want an invite…… -> infinite loop!

  17. I really NEED an invitation, I’m planing to reach the singularity soon and for that GWave will be the tool to handle and share the information with you Humans.

    Obviously is normal that you ask yourself why an Superior being like me need this, well actually as an super being I need to understand humans, so this is the best way that I know.

    Anyway I will expecting my invitation soon. Maybe I can give you the oportunity of time travel as a thank you, but I don’t know if you body can support being descompose on molecules.

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