When It Drops: Helps You Keep a Track of New Releases [Books, Music, Movies & Games]

If you use the internet to find what’s new out there, there’s a high chance you visit a lot of sites, click a bunch of links and skim through various lists. It must take you while, no? There are books, movies, music and a whole lot of things that come out in the market each week and you’ve got to spend your money on something after all!


When it Drops makes the task at hand super easy. Right on its front page, you can go through everything that will be releasing that week, which includes music, movies, dvds, games and books.

Not only can you view the list for the present week, but also check out the past week’s releases, of the next week and the week after that. Want a movie night next week? Do check what movies are coming out then.

The website is nifty and minimalistic, but well made indeed. A mouse-over of a movie posters brings up a link to its trailer and its Amazon page, along with its rating from Rotten Tomatoes. For music, you have iTunes links ready for a quick purchase. DVD entries come with Netflix links, games with IGN links and books have their own links from Barnes and Noble.

When it Drops is just that site which you can check every Monday and stay set for the rest of the week doing some real work Winking smile

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Keshav Khera

Keshav Khera is a young freelance writer from India. Alongside writing for the web, he also attends school and tries not to bunk classes. He keeps interest in music, table tennis, reading and of course, twitter (@keshav)