Webby Wednesdays: Online Task Manager, Thumbnail Bookmarks, Disposable Email Address, Merge PDF’s and More

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Todo.ly – A Simple online Task Manager to manage To do lists

Todo.ly is a simple online to-do list manager with a very easy to use interface. You can organize tasks in groups and set custom filters to prioritize tasks. Other features includes marking a due date to a task and adding it in one of your projects or task list.


You can see the entire hierarchy of tasks and projects in the online dashboard and drag and drop tasks from the sidebar into the projects column. The task manager is web based and you need not download or install anything to get started.

MyFavi.com – Add Thumbnails to Manage Bookmarks the Better Way

You have stored a lot of bookmarks in your browser and chances are that you have forgotten which bookmark leads to which site. When you visit a bookmark after a long time, you have no idea what the page is all about. MyFavi.com let’s you get out of this mess by adding thumbnails next to your browser bookmarks.


You can import a whole collection of bookmarks from an HTML file and the site supports all the popular browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The site looks good and can be used to open most used bookmarks when you are surfing on a public computer.

WhySpamme – Quickly Create Disposable Email Addresses

Some websites and download hubs often require you to sign up and create an account before you can download torrents, movies or start a new thread on a forum. Using your primary email address to sign up in these one time websites is obviously a bad idea. You will use the site only once and god knows how many emails or newsletters you will receive eventually.


The best way out – create one time disposable email addresses and use them to sign up on those forums, download sites etc. Whyspam.me creates a disposable email address for you in seconds. You can forward emails from the disposable email address to your real email address. If you get a lot of spam emails, just delete the disposable email address and create a new one and the primary email address is kept safe.

ILovePDF.com – Split and Merge PDF Files online

IlovePDF is a simple tool which can be used to merge and split PDF files online. The site let’s you upload up to 10 PDF documents from your computer and then merge them into a single file. You have to upload the files in the same order in which you want them to be merged. Individual files can have a maximum size of 8MB and once the processing is complete, you will be given a download link of the merged document.


Splitting the files is also quite easy. Once you have uploaded the document, select the page ranges where you want the document to split. Next, click “Split PDF” and individual files will download in your computer one by one.

On each wednesday, we will come up with a brief roundup of new web tools which provide value and add something extra to your daily technology. Stay tuned!

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Amit Banerjee

Amit has been writing for Techie Buzz since early 2009 and keeps a close eye on web apps, Google and all things Tech. He also writes at his own tech blog, Ampercent. Follow him on Twitter @ amit_banerjee

  • Rahul

    I use keyf11.com There you can make some notes on „back“ of thumbnails. There are active previews of content of all panels. You can open websites in flow windows (somethink like dashboard+safari on mac, ideal for HDTV – graphs e.g.)

    You can send your own link ( e.g. keyf11.com/name ) to anybody and share your bookmarks without registration or login to keyf11 . (You share everything except your private panels, which are password protected.) It is very easy bookmark manager. It is free – I recomended

  • Jon Spokes

    Hi Amit

    Regarding online task managers. I use Dooster as my chosen online task manager. It’s great as I can do everything from one place eg send and receive emails as well as creating tasks and project. Definitely worth a visit and it has a free trial period but even if you sign up it’s great value for money eg very competitively priced. http://www.dooster.net

  • Christine

    The company I work for started using Dooster some months ago and it is useful to do everything from the same software. The owners wanted to get BAsecamp but it’s not such a large organisation and Dooster seemed to do the job. Quite a few were discussed actually including Todo (but not .ly)

  • Hi Amit, thanks for the review. At our company we have to use Dooster and I have grown to really like it. Have you come across Dooster yet?