Webby Wednesday: Send Handwritten Emails, Create Logos For Free, Sync Media Files Between Multiple Computers

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

PilotHandWriting Create a Font From your Handwriting and Send Emails

PilotHandwriting is a nice web service which lets you create own fonts from your handwriting. The idea is very simple head over to the website and download a sample template. Print the template on paper and fill out the template with all the alphabets and numbers.

Once you are done filling the template, switch on your webcam and hold the paper right in front of the camera. The site will record your handwriting, read it and save a digital copy on it’s server.

Once the site has saved your handwriting, you can edit and make minor adjustments with the mouse. Now comes the fun part type an email from the site’s interface and the email appears handwritten. Sweet!


The only drawback is that you are not allowed to download the font in your computer for future use. Never mind, at least you can use this tool to send a handwritten email to anyone.

LogoSnap: Create a Free Logo Online

Do you run an online business ? Don’t have enough budget to hire professional designers to create a logo for your website? Check out LogoSnap a very useful website which lets you create professional logos for free.

It’s a four step process pick a profession or niche, select a symbol or style for your logo, customize it and then download the logo in PNG, JPG or EPS format.

The interesting thing about the service is that relevant symbols and artworks are neatly arranged in categories, you don’t have to find a graphic from a never ending list of images.


Once you have selected a graphic, you can add text as well as customize the colors, font and the background of the logo. Finally, you can download the logo in PNG, JPG or EPS format.

The site also offers low budget paid logos so if you want a professional output, give LogoSnap a try.

Libox Access your Media Files From Any Computer

So you have a home computer, a portable laptop, an iPhone and a couple of mobile devices. The problem is: you want to access all the music and media files at one place and don’t want to copy the same set of songs or pictures in all the computers or devices.

One of the great ways to sync data between multiple computers is using a cloud computing service. Libox is a new player in this field but does a great job, when it comes to synching the media files across all your computers and other devices.

It works simple sign up for a free account and install the Libox client on all your computers and mobile devices(works for Windows as well as MAC). The site will scan your computer for all the media files (songs and images) and store it in your online Libox account.


Later, you can access all these files from any computer as long as you have an active internet connection at hand. The service is completely free and you can upload unlimited amount of data.

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