Webby Wednesday: Listen to Tweets, Get Answers to Your Questions, Set up Personalized Radio Stations

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Twejay: Listen to Tweets

Twejay is a cool website which lets you listen to Tweets directly from the browser. There is nothing to download or install, just head over to the homepage and sign in with your Twitter account.

Once you are in, turn your volume up and wait for Twejay to fetch the recent tweets of your friends. The site will automatically pronounce the tweets and you can switch to another browser tab and listen to tweets as they appear in your timeline. Sweet!

There are keyboard shortcuts available, so you can just focus on the Twejay tab, use the shortcut key and listen to a specific tweet. The service can also be used to read out tweets from Twitter search pages.

This is useful, if you have a friend who is visually impaired and he never knew about Twitter – tell him to use Twejay and “listen” to your tweets.

Peerpong – Ask Questions, Get Answers

There are a lot of Q and A sites where you can get answers to your questions and answer other people’s questions as well. Peerpong is a similar Q and A site but it’s approach is a little bit different.

The site lets you login with your Facebook or Twitter account and then judges you on the basis of your past conversations. Then you are graded as an expert in some category – this may depend upon your past tweets, Facebook status updates, links shared and so on.

Once you are graded as an expert in some topic, you can answer the questions asked in that topic. There are a lot of categories out there – computers, beauty tips, education, sports, fashion, business, travel and so on.

The basic idea of the site is to encourage the users to ask questions, then send these questions to the “experts” so that the responses are accurate and adds value.

If you are fed up with other Q and A sites, it’s worth giving Peerpong a try. Who knows, you may earn the status of a guru by answering some typical questions.

Aupeo – Get a personalized Radio Station

We have earlier seen some useful websites which lets you listen to online radio stations for free. Most of these radio stations are very cool, but if you want a personalized radio experience, try Aupeo.

Aupeo lets you search for a particular artist and then the site scans it’s database of online radio stations to match with your search. You are then shown the radio stations which is currently playing your favorite artist.

This is cool, because I don’t want to hear the songs I don’t like – let me handpick the artists whom I want to listen to. No registration or sign ups are required to use the service.

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