Webby Wednesday: Handy Home Page, Group Google Maps, Excellent E-Books

Welcome everyone to the Techie Buzz Webby Wednesday post. I’ll tell you about some of the very best sites on the net (in my opinion). Please accept my apology for posting this late in the day. It’s already Thursday in most places.

First lets start with a great Home page service, AllMyFaves.

A friend recently wrote to tell me about her new home page at All My Faves. I have to agree if you want a good place to start surfing, this is one. The first page tab alone has links to E-mail, Video, Maps, Search, News, Weather, Community, Shopping, Travel, Bestsellers, Banks, Finance, Sports, Magazines, Cellular, Info, Courier, Compare, Car Rental, Hotels, Brokers, Insurance, Jobs, Real Estate, Translation, Photo, Movies, Ent, Music, Web, Radio, Genealogy, Astrology, Dating, Wedding,   Chat, Blog, Voip, Instant Msg, Tech, Download, Humor, Gaming, Online Games, Games, Kids, Pets, Cars, Health, Seniors, Government, and Recipes.

Considering that there are nine tabs, with tons of links on each tab, you’ll be finding new stuff every day.

Go to http://allmyfaves.com


Next, take a look at a service that let’s you share real world locations with your friends or a group. ZeeMaps is easy to use and it lets you and your members add location pins on a Google map. All you have to do is create a map and send a simple link to your group members. They won’t even have to register to add their own locations.

Go to http://www.zeemaps.com/


Lastly, I’ll tell you about one of my favorites, Free-eBooks. If you love to read, and you like free stuff, this should be one of your favorites too. Free-eBooks lets you download copies of free books to read. You will have to register an email address, and there’s also a limit on how many books you can download each month. However, it is free and I’m not complaining.

Go to http://www.free-ebooks.net


Now it’s time to end the post, but I’ll send you off with a surprise video. Have a great day (or night).

Link to video

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