Webby Wednesday: Generate Unique Usernames, Add Speech Bubbles to Photos, Create Letter Templates and Browse Facebook Fan Page Designs

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Create Unique usernames with MyusernameGenerator.com

Whenever you signup in a social network, the first thing to choose is the username. It’s a good practice to pick the same username across all the social networks because your friends can remember the username and find you quickly. The username plays an important role in branding your profile across different sites on the web.


Myusernamegenerator lets you generate unique names for your social profiles. You can choose between different types: short, long, medium, Japanese, heavy, vowels, Chinese and the like. The site also lists the recently generated usernames in the footer. Once you find a short and attractive username, head over to usernamecheck.com and check whether the username is available on all the social sites or not.

Add Speech Bubbles to Photos With Speechable

Speechable is a free photo service that lets you easily upload and add speech bubbles to your photos and share them with friends via email or on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, blogs, and message boards.


There is nothing to download or install, simply upload a photo from your computer or any web URL. When the upload is complete, create a bubble and add some text in it. You can drag and place the bubble anywhere on the image. This is pure fun, as the images appear to be talking. Here is an example:


Create Letter Templates with LetterGenie.com

LetterGenie is a web based app that can be used to create letters from templates. This is useful, because you don’t want to lose a client just because your covering letter was poorly written. Once you are done writing the personalized letter, you can print it or download a PDF copy in your computer.


The service also lets you import contacts and names from your email client.

Find the best Facebook Fan Page Designs With FacebookShowCase.net

Want to design a Facebook fan page for your company? Why not get some design inspiration from the very popular gallery of Facebook fan page designs at Facebookshowcase.net


The most popular designs are listed one by one on the homepage and you can see the user ratings of Facebook fan pages. The service acts as a great starting point if you seriously want an attractive Facebook fan page.

On each Wednesday, we will come up with a brief roundup of new web tools which provide value and add something extra to your daily technology. Stay tuned!

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