Webby Wednesdays: Edit PDF Documents Online, Create Beautiful Slideshows and Share Ideas on an Online Whiteboard

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

PDFEscape: Edit PDF Documents Online

When you want to edit a PDF document, you are in a fix. This is because you might not have a PDF editing program installed in your computer. Yes, there are tons of software available to edit PDF documents but why install another software when you can edit a PDF document online.

Thanks to PDFEscape, editing PDF documents is really easy and quick. The site lets you upload PDF documents from your computer and then opens a browser based editor where you can modify the content of the document. You can add text and sticky notes to the PDF document and highlight specific areas using arrows and objects.

After the editing is complete, the site lets you download the modified document to your computer. This is extremely useful when you need to edit a PDF document urgently and don’t have the time to download a PDF editing software. Apart from uploading documents from your computer, you can also fetch a document from a publicly accessible web URL.

No registration is required to use PDFEscape and it’s completely free to use. Only one limitation the file size of the document must not be greater than 2 MB.


Thanks to Himanshu for the tip.

Kizoa: Create Stunning Slideshows in Minutes

Kizoa is a brilliant online slideshow service which lets you upload photos from your computer and turn them into a slideshow. Then you can transitions and cool sound effects or play a background music, perfect when you want to organize your memories and add a fun element to it.


Besides the slideshow, Kizoa also have a rich image editor which can be used to edit your images online. You can apply filters, resize or flip the images, crop them and then use them in a slideshow. Once the slideshow is up, you are provided an embed code which can be added to your blog or website. (see example)

Sneffel: Share your Ideas on an Online Whiteboard

Sneffel is a very unique web service which lets you create an online whiteboard for idea sharing. You can create a Sneffel boardand invite collaborators to your board. Then the entire team can write or draw on the board, as if they were working on the same document. The content of the board is updated in real time, so all the members can easily share their thoughts and ideas.

Sneffel lets you add the Sneffel board to your blog or website via an embed code. This feature may be useful for personal blogs, you can add a Sneffel board to your blog and let your visitors draw or write anything on it. Pure fun !

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