Webby Wednesdays: Create Collaborative Diagrams, Build Websites for Free, Find IP Location and Sleeping Time of Your Twitter Friends

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Creately: Create and Collaborate on Online Diagrams

Do you find yourself helpless when you have to make a proposal to some distant client? May be the customer is unable to understand your idea and approach, and a mere IM chat produces less results. That’s when you need Creately – a new web service which let’s you create diagrams, flow charts and strategy diagrams online.


There are lot of similar tools out there but what sets Creately apart is the easy to use interface and a wide range of already available templates. You can quickly create project diagrams, business strategies and let other members collaborate on the diagram from any part of the world.

The site supports a lot of objects and logical blocks which can be added in your diagram with little effort. You can revert back to an earlier state of the diagram anytime, because Creately saves revision history of all your charts.

Here is a wonderful screencast which briefly describes the useful features of Creately:

Lifeyo: Build Websites The Easy way

Want to create a small website for your company or business? Don’t have enough knowledge or expertise on coding and customization? Check out Lifeyo – a website which makes it super easy to create blogs and websites. Neither you need to   find a web hosting service and manage the web server on your own, nor you need to install any kind of software to run your website.


All you get is an easy to use interface to build pages and content for your blog or website. The entire management of your site remains in Lifeyo’s hands and you need not worry about database failures, scheduled backups and losing your site due to technical glitches.

Lifeyo provides a free domain name such as abc.lifeyo.com, but if you want to have a custom domain name, you have to pay them $50 a year. This is quite cheap, as compared to other hosting providers who will provide you with more space but at the cost of more pricing.

InfoSpinner: Find The Geographical Location of an IP Address

IP address stands for internet protocol address and it can be used to find the geographical location of a person who is using the internet from some part of the world. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you could track the location of a specific IP address directly on Google Maps?

Enter InfoSpinner – a simple yet useful web service which can be used to find the geographical location of IP addresses on Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Windows Live.


Apart from the name of the city, this site can also be used to find out the zip code, latitude, longitude, country of origin etc. So if you are receiving spam comments in your blog from a particular IP, you can check in which city the spammer lives.

SleepingTime: Find When your Twitter Friends Sleep

You may wonder whether some of the tweeples, who post hundreds of tweets every day ever go to bed? Sleepingtime can tell when your Twitter friends sleep. Just enter the Twitter username of the friend and the site returns a predicted sleeping pattern of the friend.


The tool analyzes the tweeting pattern of your friend and combines it with the time zone information from the profile to predict the sleeping time of a user. However, the site does not work for private accounts.

On each wednesday, we will come up with a brief roundup of new web tools which provide value and add something extra to your daily technology. Stay tuned!

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