Webby Wednesday: Convert Partial RSS Feeds to Full Text, Get Free Clipart and View Lyrics of a YouTube Video

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

OpenClipArt.org: Get Free Clipart

If you write a blog, one of the major concerns is avoiding copyright infringement. Copyright violation can arise due to duplicate content which includes using text or images from other sources and not giving the source it’s due credit. While it’s easy to avoid copyright issues by writing the text part yourself, it’s not exactly the same with images.

When you want to use an image in your blog post, you have to search the web and find an image from any other website or blog. Unfortunately, most of the images you find on the web are not labelled with a clear message that says who it belongs to.

Thanks to sites like Openclipart.org finding free clipart has never been such easy. Every image in the site is completely free, you can use their images in anything you publish.

They also offer several packages loaded with all of the clipart from the entire website. These can be downloaded in a couple of different formats.

FiveFilter: Convert partial RSS Feeds to Full Feeds

There are plenty of blogs who offer a partial RSS feed of their blog posts. When you subscribe to the partial feeds, you can read only an excerpt of the blog post from your RSS reader. This can be irritating because you have to click the link and visit the website to read the full blog post.

If you are a blogger and read a lot of blogs everyday, it would be a good idea to convert the partial RSS feeds to full text feeds. Thanks to FiveFilter, converting feeds is now just a few clicks away.

To use the service, all you have to do is visit this page and enter the URL of the feed in the Feed URLtext field as shown below:

Then hit the Create Feedbutton and you are done. FiveFilters will convert the partial feed to full text feed and show you a link to the full feed, grab that link and subscribe in your news reader. The site also offers a handy bookmarklet, Just drag and drop this link in your Bookmarks toolbar. Whenever you come across a partial feed, click this bookmarklet and the feed will be converted to a full text RSS feed automatically.

TubeOke: View YouTube Video and Lyrics Side by Side

While watching a video at YouTube, you might want to perform a Karaoke. You may want to read the lyrics of a song and sing it with the music. TubeOke makes this possible by showing the lyrics of the song in the same page where the video is played. Works quite simple just go to the site and search for an artist or a song name.

Hit Searchand the lyrics of the song will load in the same page, thus allowing you to read the lyrics and view the video simultaneously.

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