Upload Files Using A Web Based FTP Client

If you find yourself stuck in a situation where you cannot or don’t want to install an FTP client on the computer, a web based FTP client is the best solution for you. Web based FTP clients offer almost all the features that a standard FTP client does, in addition to being light-weight and hassle-free.

One of the most popular and feature-rich web based FTP clients available online is Net2FTP. It provides you with a simple interface to connect to your FTP server and upload/download files. You can also upload/download files in a zip format, and unzip files on the server. Some other great features that Net2FTP offers are:

  • Install software on your server (requires PHP).
  • Copy, move or delete files and directories.
  • Plain text editors and HTML editors to edit files online.
  • Filter files using filename, size and modification time.
  • Copy files from one FTP server to another FTP server.
  • Renaming, Chmod and tons of administrative features.

3 thoughts on “Upload Files Using A Web Based FTP Client”

  1. PHPanywhere.net is a real-time syntax code editor with support for all web formats and includes a powerful FTP editor.

    Check it out here and let me know what you think!

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