Watermark Your PDF Files Online

With so many tools to crack PDFs and download PDFs, it is easy for anybody to steal your hard work. To save yourself from such scenarios, it is a very good idea to put a watermark on your PDFs just like you put a watermark on your images. PDF-Watermark is an online tool that lets you do that without any hassle.

All you need to do is head over to PDF-Watermark and upload the PDF files you want to watermark. After that, customize your watermark by choosing the text, font type, font size, color and watermark angle. You also have an option of adjusting the transparency of watermark. Once you are done, click “watermark PDF” and a watermark would be applied to your PDF files. You can then download the modified PDFs to your local drive.

It is a very useful freeware that allows you to protect your PDFs without the hassle of downloading or installing any complicated software.

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  • It pays to protect yourself and your valuble content from online thieves and copycats that don’t care about your copyright or hard work. This will deter a lot of “casual” information theft.

  • I’ve written several ebooks and converted them into PDF form, but it never comes across my mind that I would need to use the watermark for the ebooks! Now, after reading this article, I knew it’s necessary to apply this method into each ebook!

  • oh..so this is how they put watermarks on pictures