Visual Vocabulary/Dictionary Learning Service

Back in school our teachers used to ask us to make use of words to create full sentences. Though a difficult task in itself, it definitely helped improve our vocabulary. Now imagine learning new words the same way albeit visually.

WeboWord is a interesting online service that helps you learn word definitions and understand the vocabulary visually.


To make users understand a word they create situational comics that help you in remembering the words better.

Definitely a great way to learn English definitions as the visuals are pretty good and leave a lasting effect.

What do you think? Will this help you learn the English vocabulary better?

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One thought on “Visual Vocabulary/Dictionary Learning Service”

  1. Thank you so much for this detailed review about us! :-)

    Just wanted to mention that apart from helping anyone and everyone build their Vocab visually, we encourage the creative minds to submit their own visual creations. We’d love to feature user creations too! Check out

    Hoping this encourages some techies too!

    Happy Vocab Building and wishing Techie-Buzz all the success in the world!

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